22 thoughts on “I Do Not Remorse Shopping for This – LG UltraGear 38GN950-B Evaluate

  1. Yeah I also did my research and bought one and I am very happy. Super smooth game play no tearing or artifacts. Running mine with a RTX 3080 Evga FTW with AMD 5950X and I have been getting close to MAX Frames.. I am glad I did not waste my money on the RTX 3090 at 1600P but I am sure the 3090 fairs better at 4K. At the end of the day PC Gaming has went into the toilet and just like the fake NEWS out there in TV LAND. The PC GAMING has up front FAKE PRICES. They had this problems years ago and came up with 1 card per email no PO BOXES but here we are having the manufactures SCALP on FLEBAY (MSI) caught so far.

  2. Wow that looks amazing. $1,650 Yikes! But if this thing lasts a few yrs I'm sure it'll be worth it. I find myself gaming at my desk so much more than my LG CX55. Also, I love my 27" Dell gaming monitor, but I'd totally go Ultra wide next.

  3. Fantastic monitor. Best buy I did in 2020. Love to work and game on it every day. If you have the money, it won‘t be wasted. The stand could be better. Mine lowers the the display about 1cm by itself in the highest position. Will invest in a seperate monitor stand solution soon.

  4. 38GN950, 38GL950 and 38WN95C are all more of less the same monitors. Some go a little higher in terms of refresh rate, while others have different connections like Thunderbolt etc. They are all from the same time frame. So the 38GL950 is not the old model of the GN950 as you say. It just lack the same G-sync feature while all else is more or less the same.

  5. I’ve always question why so many companies put so much time and effort into the appearance of the back of monitors, and adds RGB and such. I REALLY don’t care how the back looks, of it a monitor has rgb, as I’d much rather all the time and resources are put into quality panels & stands

  6. Out of curiosity, does yours go into deep sleep? I've had two of those monitors, both had deep sleep issues. Meaning they'd go into deep sleep if not used for a few minutes and I could not deactivate it! All options for that were set to off (in windows and monitor), didn't help. The main problem is that I use two monitors and when you wake the big guy up he starts at a low resolution for a milisecond which changes position and size of all open windows. Also all programs from the second monitor move over to the LG.

    It was super annoying to me so I gave up on the LG and got an AW3821DW. This one is not having that deep sleep issue so I'm very happy now. Prefer the build quality to that of the LG, too.

  7. I've been watching the last few reviews of yours, you go very in-depth and explain things well! thank you I'm a subscriber now!

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