1. Having a trading plan is essential for every trader. Trading with Mrs Monroe's platform and understanding its unique premise could help you formulate better your own trading plan.

  2. I like that you post part of your portfolio. I appreciate the transparency plus we can all learn as we increase our numbers together.

  3. Bought 100 at $14.50 back on November 30th, sold the same day, an hour later at $16.00. Bought back in, 100 shares, at $13.25 December 2nd. Holding for the long run now. I love the wheel, but I think it will pop at the merger, so I'm just going to hold and not risk being assigned after selling a CC. Will sell after the merger if it goes over $30.00, otherwise I may just hold it long term.

  4. Did you mean that they’re already making profit? You said that they’re already making revenue…but I mean every single company makes revenue.

  5. What happened, used to talk about good stocks now it’s all these random just above penny pump and dumps. Sure some will work out but why? Post all of your holdings .

  6. I Remember how many times i contemplated before venturing into trading and investing look at me today at least I can attest to the fact that I make huge profit weekly and life is good I need no job

  7. Good info as always. SPAQs are out of favor for now but the good ones will have their day again come merger time. You buy in 3 chunks to dollar cost average and play the patience game.

  8. Hey there. Thanks for the info. I currently have 697 shares & I've never sold options before but I'm interested. Why did you choose $17.50? What if it hits that price before it expires

  9. Bought Fanny Mac & Fanny may. What’s not better that buying into two banks trading at 2$ each and holding hundreds of billions, plus we bailed them out. I’m up 10% off lows and going long. This purchase alone has a possibility of a 10 BAGGER GUYS. FMCC & FMNA.

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