I attempted to purchase Joji's automotive

I attempted to purchase Joji's automotive

Purchase or restore, does not matter, simply wished you guys to know that I attempted.

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My specs:
64 gb ram

Wanna ship me one thing? I now not have a PO field, simply ship it to my skate store!
227 most important st
Fort Mill, SC

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36 thoughts on “I attempted to purchase Joji's automotive

  1. As a car guy, fan of filthy Frank, and a donut operator fan. Keep it up and do you man, forget what other people think you should do.

  2. Dodge Stealth's used to be badass cars back in the day. Especially the Stealth R/T Twin Turbo with AWS (all wheel steering). They were pretty fast and handled like it was on rails.

  3. I just bought a 93 dodge stealth bc of Pink Season, I can’t wait to get it in the pink color Joji had put on it. (It’ll be a tad bit hard to figure out the shade since he used house paint to customize it LOL). Regardless, I assist at live events so hopefully if this Covid things goes away, I can pull up to a Joji show in it 🙂

  4. OK……first time watching and I thought you were Gus……….Secondly is that the magazine to his Gus's pistola from one of his videos!? Thirstily totally would have been sweet to get that car

  5. plot twist he has the car in hiding and now that someone found it he moved it so that it couldn’t be tracked down, (that or he just goes to it when he’s writing music for his main music career now and just sits in it and gets high asf and writes music

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