48 thoughts on “HUGE Nintendo Change ESHOP SALE ! ✨90% ABOVE ✨

  1. Super one more jump is actually pretty dang fun, and has plenty of content, for that price, even if you're unsure, you should try it out. Death squared is a pretty fun puzzle game as well, I spend like 10 bucks and I dont regret it.

  2. Videos like this are great! I’ve had the switch since launch and it’s really hard to find games because Nintendo always puts 3 dollar games in the best selling and such over really good games. Although some of these aren’t my cup of tea , it’s always a big help finding games through this channel rather through the eshop

  3. 90% TRASH! I’m fucking tired of Nintendo and all of the switch channels on YT saying “oh, omg the BIGGEST NINTENDO SWITCH SALE EVER” SHUT THE FUCK UP these games are trash asf

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