31 thoughts on “*HUGE* H&M Reasonably priced Sale Haul / Beneath Rs.999 TRY-ON Haul

  1. Not a shopping lover but watching you getting crazy for all the cute stuff is literally pushing me towards buying cute nd random stuff…
    Btw love you… #mridul and also im.not getting over the intro abhi bhi..i mean that's soooo freakinggg cuteeee😍😍

  2. I haven't participated in any of your giveaway ..i m here just to learn some kind of your cool English accent.. It's like I pays attention not much to cloths but to your attitude n way of addressing 😁😌✨❤

  3. She is like I don't spend money on clothing more than 1000 per peice nd me not more than 400-500 per top 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂aur agar zayada ka hai aur pasand aagya toh mummy toh champion hai hi to bargain 😂😂😂😂

  4. Your hindi seems like icing on the desert😂❤. But I love watching your vlogs. I can totally vibe with you 😂😂✌. Lots of love to you😊

  5. Yayeee I want to shop from h&m and I'm thinking that which are good trendy pieces I can get and here my mridul have that for me ❤

  6. Do not wear short n tight dress it doesn't suits u at all yuks 🤮
    N u r doing waste of money the ppl who follow u will also get influenced by u n thats not good

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