25 thoughts on “HUGE Financial savings! | GTA 5 On-line Black Friday Reductions (Nov 27th-30th)

  1. Meanwhile in RDO: While GTAO is getting huge savings and big dlc we are just going to nerf your gold earning rate. As pity here's 2 cans of beans and 50 bullets for your pistol be grateful, pray we don't alter the deal further.

  2. They trying to get us to spend all of our money so when the new update comes out, most of the players will result in buying shark cards.

  3. I'd say pick up the Stromberg if you have the money. It makes underwater missions, especially those for the Casino Heist a piece of cake. Pretty armored and decently fast as well.

  4. I killed a mk 2 oppressor grefer with thruster missiles and you know thruster missiles have shitty homing but I still got him he try using his little flares

  5. Quien habla español, juega en ps4, y quiere hacer dinero rapido? Pero la unica condicion es de que tendran que hacer lo que les digo. Una vez me confirmen y estemos jugando explicare como seria esto de hacer el dinero rapido.

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