1. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that shein is not sustainable, eventually even supports animal cruelty, is unfair towards their workers and is very bad for our enviroment! Please stop buying from their. It´s not cute.

  2. I remember she said she started off working at a tesco, and she hated it. How do you think those poor kids feel making those clothes? Underpaid and treated like Sh*t.

  3. God, can ya shut the hell up. Shien is not the only unethical fast fashion store… EVERYTHING you own as an American is created in the same means as shien so stfu. There’s no ethical consumption under capitalism. Ya will call out cheap places but than be so dumb to not call out Nike and gucci.

  4. With all these comments telling her to not shop from certain brands, I'm pretty sure she could care less. I mean we have seen it before, as long as she is getting her coin, the comments don't really matter much but again I dont know her nor do I know how she interacts with her subs/followers. As long as you watch the videos and the views keep growing, the subs keep coming in, she keeps getting sponsored and the followers grow, the girl is set. She's getting richer, she can pay her bills, travel to nice places, and show off her high life. Set.
    Interpet the way you want but I'm letting it be known that I am not bashing Jordan.

  5. I understand low income people shipping fast fashion but when YouTubers support unethical fast fashion it’s just disappointing, they can afford sustainable brands but choose not to for views :/

  6. loved thiss! and you’re style😍😍 in tryna dive into different styles cause i’m a very eclectic person i feel like you should do a video on finding your style that would be so helpful!!

  7. That black top with the clips, you could definitely clip them onto belt loops I think that would so be so cute and we all have a pair of really cute jeans that always fall down 🙄 this would definitely help tho probs

  8. Wow the comment section is NOT chill… It's not everybody who knows what hentai means, and yeah Shein is not the best brand, not ethical and shit, but she has to show compagnies that will go with everybody's budget, as well as getting some coins. If she only does high end, expensive brands, people complain too. Just don't watch and don't buy instead of attacking everyone on what they do. And btw, nobody's perfect man. She's just doing her job 💙

  9. Your personality is 🥵🥵🥵, your editing 🥶, your content is 🤯. Everything just flows. The best try on haul I’ve ever watched.

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