Huge Announcement : get hyped sneakers on low cost + Giveaway’s

Huge Announcement : get hyped sneakers on low cost + Giveaway’s

As we speak I’m launching a membership plan in affiliation with Mainstreet.
On this video I clarify you about every part associated to the membership and how one can enroll for it.

Purchase your Metro Membership right here :

Detailed data out there on the hyperlink above.

By enrolling you get the following-

-Weekly giveaways (a number of winners)
-Steals (sneakers and streetwear beneath market value)
-exclusive content material (BTS, livestreams and extra)

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42 thoughts on “Huge Announcement : get hyped sneakers on low cost + Giveaway’s

  1. Plz make video on jordan 11 25th anniversary and how to get them in India on 12th of DECEMBER
    Unfortunately I'm biggest fan of jordan but can't get the shoe I always wanted

  2. What if I don't get to buy any item from the steal and also I don't win anything in the giveaway can I use that money and buy something at the main Street online store?

  3. delivers a better deal. Such a big rip off. Membership plus over the roof prices. Good try yo. I got all my Jordan's from . One has to be patient in grabbing the shoe when it's available.

  4. Dissapointing… Marketplace sells a normal Shoe for twice the market value so whats the point giving us 20-30% off when we can get the same for a much lower price.. Secondly Marketplace is all fake as they have their own people winning the prize.. Its better invest 3k or saving for a sneaker than investing this plan, because it will go down the drain.

  5. My mantra is like "if i can't get it for retail price then fuck it" i wont go for a re-sell prices. It's just a shoe and people hyping these stuff are the ones who want to get a profit while reselling.

  6. @karankhatriofficial @mainstreettv and @marketplacebymainstreet it's literally a good gestures towards raising the hype culture thank you so much

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