33 thoughts on “How To Shut The Sale Each Time

  1. You were just rambling and never specified any specific skill. This is called story telling. Than with the back round music which would take away from your 1 minute message. I don't thank you have ever made 1 million in a year, have you Daniel, honestly?

  2. A simple technique is Value creation of the products to the clients. Thanks Im going to change my sales pitch now onwards. Thanks

  3. This is the same crap that sales gurus preaches. Read Owen Kraff Pitch anything… to use this guy's own words Oren will give you real value.

  4. Just reading some of the past post. Man there are a lot of angry people out there.Ā  You guys are in the wrong profession, in my opinion.

  5. You're good Mr. Grissom, very good.Ā  I've been trying to convey this message to my troops for a while now, but I couldn't make it short, concise and duplicate-able.Ā  Thank you

  6. He's right. If you build the value of your product, commodity, service, or goods to the client…price becomes secondary.
    Building the value is only second to building the relationship. They first must like you, then the product, and then the price.
    I sell energy efficient construction projects. Trust me when I tell you…no truer words can ever be spoken about RELATIONSHIP, VALUE, and then PRICE.

  7. these kinds of vids make me sick in my own mouth. disgusting to think that anyone would buy anything from a guy this vapid.


  8. Easiest way to "close" me, is to have the vehicle I want at the price I am willing to pay. If the salesman doesn't have the car I want, there is no sale. Simple. This is really no secret. This is why I shop when the dealer is CLOSED. No sense in wasting the salesman's time if they do not have what I am looking for. If I see what I like, I will return to the lot for the test drive. If we can agree on price, I am out of there in no time. The salesman just has to complete the paperwork.

  9. Right on. Very well articulated. I totally agree and am regularly amazed at how few sales pros are following this advice.

  10. very real talk. One and done is DEAD. cultivation of the prospect, especially in my industry (fitness), is a diligent task with no immediate payoff, but the long term payoff is HUGE

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