How To Purchase Boots That Will Final Eternally – Boot Information

How To Purchase Boots That Will Final Eternally – Boot Information

HOW TO BUY THE PERFECT BOOTS THAT WILL LAST FOREVER – BOOT GUIDE: At this time I’m sharing a complete boot information all about find out how to purchase the right boots that may final endlessly. These are the issues I like to remember about development, how boots ought to match, what goodyear welted sneakers are and why they’re the perfect and a lot extra. I’ve embedded time stamps under and thanks a lot for watching xx Audrey


[00:51] Primary Boot Anatomy
[03:33] How Ought to Boots Match
[07:44] What Makes Excessive High quality Boots
[13:04] High Boot Types
[17:38] The Most Versatile Boots


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36 thoughts on “How To Purchase Boots That Will Final Eternally – Boot Information

  1. What are people’s thoughts on combat boots like the ones at Steve Madden.. as I get older my style is slowly getting more preppy but I do enjoy military inspired fashion.. is that a boot that I should leave behind in my twenties? 🧐

  2. I’m waiting for bell bottoms/ boot cut jeans to come back in style big time. When that happens, I’ll start wearing ankle boots again. Most of them don’t look with skinny jeans imo

  3. For those in Canada looking for good boots I’m setting up to order the Ladies Romeo from Canada West. They aren’t as formal, but they’ll hit all the craftsmanship markers.

    I haven’t found anything else this quality at this price point. They also have an insulated version.

  4. Thanks for the overview! I would also appreciate your thoughts on specific brands that make quality boots. It can be so hard to find quality shoes; most are cheap.

  5. I am currently looking for some ankle boots that will hopefully last me for a while, which is why I try to inform myself in all the best ways. I looked into your blog and essentially it is really helpful, but it's just too bad that my feet a too large for most of the sold sizes 😭. But nevertheless thank you for this video because it still helped me a lot to understand what I actually want. (btw I have size 43/11.5 and it is soo hard for me to find non-sneaker shoes)

    Would have loved to order and try the Captains but they only sell up to size 11 🙁

  6. You have the eye and you have the gift of gab as they say. Sometimes I just will listen to your voice and it brings me back around. Your thoughts of fashion or spot on at least for me. Thank you so much friend😻

  7. Audrey, could you recommend an over the knee boot similar to the stuart weitzman tieland? I love the style, but cannot afford it 😭

  8. This may have changed in the intervening years, but when I sold shoes:
    E, EE~extra wide
    I think the sizing was different for men’s shoes; that was outside my experience.

  9. Audrey I absolutely love your channel so informative and stylish . Thank you for the hard work and the great level of us making the most of ourselves! I have a problem though and I hope you can maybe do a video on the latest dresses that are so popular …… I am 5 2 ins size uk 12 and love dresses but feel I look swamped . How can I change this look ? Also I have a bit of a tummy and feel I can’t tuck in tops . Making me a bit miserable because I was always very slender but have had a lot of spine surgery so cannot exercise to shed weight !!! If you can give any ideas for ladies like me I would be so grateful! Love debs xxxxx

  10. Great video. Would love to know how you buy, clean /sterilize secondhand shoes. Don’t you find they’re moulded to someone else’s foot? Does it mould to yours too? What has been your experience? Thanks!

  11. This was so helpful! I have a pair of brown faux leather lace ups with about an inch heel and a chunky tread and I love them a lot, but there’s a bit of a gap in the heel, and I wasn’t sure if that was okay or not. Now I know it is! Thanks Audrey!

  12. I am petite, 5' 2", have a narrow foot AA, and a narrow calf. Looking for a knee high heeled boot. Can you direct me to a few please?

  13. Hi Audrey! I’m new to your channel and have just been so enjoying your style, tips and videos overall, thank you for doing this! If you haven’t already covered it I’d love to suggest a video on choosing the right blazer. Thanks again, Claire xx

  14. Buying boots is one thing, but taking proper care of them will really ensure that they last forever. A cobbler is also a girl's best friend.

  15. Good video Audrey. I was wondering if you could also have added the Suede boots in your content. I was recently thinking of buying a pair. I know they are not a very practical option but they look so subtle and gorgeous. Moreover, I have never worn suede boots ever so was thinking to give them a try.

    Thank You



  16. Hi Audrey! Could you make a video on how to buy a leather jacket, please 😂, especially for 30 something women . Thank you for your great advice

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