Taking a look at purchainsc or making an attempt a brand new gaming mouse? Effectively do not take something on this video to coronary heart 😉 However perhaps you possibly can take some extent or two.

21 thoughts on “HOW TO BUY A GAMING MOUSE

  1. i like the model of razer viper ultimate any other suggestions for the same shape but cheaper(i use the g402 currently)

  2. The Teche, why not be a icon and use the intellipro as your ergo mouse ? maby that will get them to make a wireless not so heavy one and take over the market 🙂

  3. hah I as well rock two mice on my desk, I use one for productivity & the other for gaming. But really I just couldn't choose between the Model-O Wireless & the Roccat Burst Pro which is my new 'Main' for gaming, just really loving the shape of the Burst. I really want to Love the new Model-O, but at the end of the day with mice it will all come down to the shape & how it will fit your grip style, and the MOW for me just was too low of a profile and narrow for my hybrid fingertiP grip.

  4. I got a budget of 84 aid what keyboard should I get I want a Keyboard with good performance and good with Hk gaming pudding keycaps

  5. Most important point. Which Mouse for which gamestyle. A small and light mouse makes sense for fast shooters like quake. For BRs and other slower paced games its not that important and maybe counterproductive. Controlling recoil is so much more stable with an bigger (wider) mouse and weight not so important. ( but max 100g )

    Not many Reviewers talk about that. Good job dude!

  6. Great video, really informative to the detail. People that watch this can really figure out some concepts regarding mouse shapes etc, and make it easier to buy the mouse they want

  7. I need some help ok I need a mouse that fits my grip I have small hands and I play 3 finger palm I put my finger on scroll wheel

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