40 thoughts on “How Protection Contractors Make Billions Off Missile Gross sales

  1. When everybody have missiles, you know missiles won't win you the next big war…

    and that was why they kept this technology specific for themselves for years.

  2. "It remains to be seen whether current systems can actually intercept ICBM launches, in real world scenario".
    Do you seriously want to to see if it can intercept an ICBM in a real world scenario?
    Do you understand what would that mean?
    Are you insane?
    That's the one sentence no one should ever say.

  3. Russia and China are way ahead of the US with regards to hypersonic things. While Russia is starting to deploy and mass produce those missiles on their planes, ships and subs, the US is still in the development and testing stage, years behind. Too bad.

  4. Instead of working for DAJAAL, THE SATIN, turn the Sahara & Gobhi Deserts into Green 🍏💚 Pastures for the good of humans. My plea to all Bills, N- Yahus & all others who can contribute, please join up to make this World 🌎 a peaceful planet for your Children 💞 & our children. Please Allah, NOT the SATIN.

  5. Looks almost like a Trump endorsement video. It’s funny how this video contradicts what they said, after Trump pointed this out. “How dare he say that about the pentagon! What an insult to the military!”

  6. Merry christmas ครับ..ขอโทษ..และขอบคุณครับที่อยู่ข้างกัน..มีความสุขมากๆทุกๆท่านนะครับ.ขอบคุณจริง

  7. Not changing the game, It's more like only for smaller conflicts between 2 very uneven countries in terms of military Power. If 2 superpowers, Example USA vs China than Larger stealthier drones would be more useful as smaller drones will get shot by every soldier with a gun on the ground or will get jammed by high tech jammer aircraft which both US and China have

  8. The "news" always try to create this fictitious image of democrats being more "peaceful" while republicans are more about creating wars.

    In fact the Obama administration lied about ending the war in the middle east and sent more troops, invaded Afghanistan, increased army expenses….
    Trump called troops back and ended the war.

    Now this fake image of portraying Biden as a more diplomatic politician will just make everyone watch new wars getting started disguised as necessary.

    The lie keeps rolling….

  9. People should go through as much pain to buy a gun like a country needs to buy a missile, would be a much safer world. The world agrees to not sell missiles to countries that are unstable

  10. And these are the same channels who speak about peace
    Countries which keep spending more and more money on these weapons and talk about peace ☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️

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