36 thoughts on “How I Acquired HUGE Reductions on Macbook Air & Mac Mini | Apple India Pupil Reductions Defined

  1. I already verified by unidays but then I click on shop and it's just showing page not found idk what to do next.🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. One small doubt shud I go for the 7core or 8core GPU version….pls tell about the specs…..btw such a great helpful video ….tks a lot

  3. Resellers toa sidha nahi bolte hai Student discount ka unko bola toa even when I called the customer service of apple even they were unable to convince them that the company that owns the product that they r selling have discount available 😂

  4. Do you know that You can avail both student discount as well as hdfc cashback combined at imagine store. Most of the imagine stores are offering it.

  5. which application do you use to make your videos I mean what screen recorder you use what software used for creating thumbnails and everything
    Please tell

  6. in the thumbnail you mentioned 20k , in the video you got about 10k discout on macbook air . I think you should change the thumbnail . I know you got anoher 10k on mac mini but dont clickbait this much some of your loyal audience will be hurt and criticize you

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