48 thoughts on “Hookah Smoking : Shopping for a Hookah

  1. U lying ass amateur. Those myas r not that expensive they're like half that price. They're crap anyway, except for the bases. Lol

  2. Lol . I have one just like the huge green one un the back… I got for 100₪ (NIS) -about 30$.. You have to be a real sucker if it was that expensive. You can get a small one here in israel for like 10$. Thats just messed up.

  3. 500? shipped in from the middle east? thats a crystal mya, you can get one for about 400 bucks, and they're an american company, if you want a good hookah for a good price, get any khalil mamoon, they are egyption and premium hookahs, they cost anywhere between 70-180 depending on what you want, they will last for ever as well!

  4. It's a Crystal Hookah, not a Glass like KM or Nammor. Hookah-Shisha has a Crystal Mya for $475. Crystal Hookahs are pretty expensive. But then again, if you take care of it, why would you pay extra for a crystal if you can buy a great KM or Nammor for much less?

  5. 500$? Lmfaooo I'd rather get me a nice km and USE the rest of the money on tangiers a windbreaker a phunnel and vortex a narbish v4 a diffuser and a lifetime supply of chronic natural coals and a portable stove, even if I get a solid brass km with copper down stem and bohemian jumbo vase it still wont cost 500, people go to hookahJohn or 5starhookah or hookah-shisha or hookah set before u drop money on someones marketing.

  6. @dvsc4000 seriously… we got some nice ones! why? because we are located in the HOOKAH CAPITAL OF THE USA! DEARBORN, MI! 🙂

  7. Ugh, he's spending way too much on hookahs. You can get a really nice one for $150, and a good quality starter for $50 or so dollars that'll last you if you take good care of it.

  8. "we get them shipped in from the middle east"

    If I'm not mistaken those crystal hookahs look like mya crystals which are not middle eastern…

  9. @LMFAO238 alright dude listen. Every culture has different ways of saying it. I didn't realize you were the hookah God and you created the names.

  10. @LMFAO238 Hookah is the actual pipe itself, Shisha is the Tabacco and the flavoring together. You're not that intelligent, and also, you're a foreigner to us.

  11. very expensive? Here in sweden we buy them for american 5$. The arabs get it from their home country for about 1$ and brings them to americans for 50$ haha?

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