23 thoughts on “H&M WINTER TRY ON HAUL // Black Friday + 20% DISCOUNT 2020 // Charlotte Olivia

  1. Hi! Can you tell me how tall are you? (For reference because I want the cream jumper but I’m not sure about the length 😂) ❤️

  2. I just bought the same puffer coat and I found the jacket is so loose, wind comes up my back and I freeze in this Canadian winter. I wish they had a draw cord to close up the gap.

  3. Hey…I always get bobbles on my joggers and trousers from h&m.. if you can suggest something to avoid getting them would be highly appreciated.

  4. Love these picks! I got a pair of chunky platform boots but found them really difficult to walk in – especially stairs haha because the soles just didn't flex at all, not sure if it is just me or maybe it's something you get used to after a little bit!

  5. No you don’t look like a robber. It looks really cute. The corset did look brown. It was cute you could wear it under a black blazer. You can’t beat H & M. I bought a safari like jacket and matching pants this spring and it looked just like the one on Stella McCarthy’s runway.

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