49 thoughts on “High three Penny Shares To Purchase (February 2021) 🚀

  1. lol is this a trolling channel? i’ve been watching it for a little bit now
    i thoroughly enjoyed the education behind it , but he’s like 0-7 on the trades he’s suggested lol anyone?

  2. Here two days late and only new in the game, go back and look at these stocks, exactly how you predicted and I've learned two new patterns. Thank you for this. Love these type of break downs. Ireland 🇮🇪🙏

  3. Your stock picks so far great!, but can you make a video how you make analysis on stock Investment? I'd love to learn how to avoid risky investments

  4. NDRA ❤️
    (Who speaks this stock these days i will take serious his advice for next stocks. Because i only want to watch smart people.)

  5. Tons of advices on what to buy but I'm only just interested In steps and tips on how to make better profit if I load up on this stock, saw an article of an investors that made $450,000 in 2months and I'd really love to know how to make such profit or is that asking too much?

  6. Trading is something that I've just begun to wobble in but couldn't wrap my head around it completely. I’ve been looking into the last market crash and I realized a few investors made millions of dollars from the 2008 recession. I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market

  7. So can anyone tell me what to do in this situation, it hits the point at which u say the stock is supposed to “breakout”, which I completely understand, so I buy in, and instead of it breaking out, it instead drops to lows, almost to the points where u say you would buy the dips… I’m just kind of salty obviously, but how do u trade that?

  8. You are one of the biggest reasons why I started my channel. I take a lot of inspiration from you and I think it is clear to see in my videos. I recently covered bngo, nndm, agtc, a ton more, just looking for feedback or anything. Thanks all!

  9. Nice Video… also new to stocks.

    I know you have spoken about CLOV but not sure if you created another video about it. What have you done with it? Sorry, i tried joining the discord group but not sure why there is a problem on my registration.

    Thanks in advance

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