36 thoughts on “High 9 Greatest Least expensive Chinese language Smartwatch You Can Purchase In 2018

  1. When paired with ones' phone, are (or, just any low cost watch really; below $20) any of these compatible with Android Wear optimized app's?

  2. CONCERNING THE ZEBLAZE BLITZ this is certainly not a watch to buy because:
    – impossible to find a seconday block charger! I ask support from the manufacturer and not in stock chargers. If you know the store where to buy another charger I would be glad to know.
    – it's not 4GB RAM but 2 GB!
    – it's very hot on your wrist when you activate WIFI + 3G to have an hotspot for instance
    – if you simply use the watch only to have the time displayed from time to time it's impossible to have a full day autonomy
    – again the battery is running out very quickly
    – only 2 or 3 apps installed and then the watch storage is full
    – the soft on iOS is not functionning correctly because you have bluetooth disconnection very often

    I will regret my Pebble for good notification process and good battery life (several days nearly 1 week!).
    I will gather money during 2 years to buy a real connected watch like the Apple watch.

    This is not a watch it's a small smartphone on your wrist with all the problems inherent.

  3. Is it possible to replace the bands? I really want to buy this one but I just prefer a metal band over a leather or rubber band.

  4. Hi there, why didn't you include the DM368 smart watch in your list, this watch is the best for its low price and tons of features.

  5. I wish the kw88 was as beautiful as the pictures. but the screen is not as big as that, nor as flat… and it doesn't have the tiny vessels. and wish I'm the battery would last one whole day of normal use. but if u try to use it normally, it will only last at most 4 hours. in order for it to last all day, you need to disable everything, put it in airplane mode and just use it to know the time.

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