39 thoughts on “Harbor Freight President's Day Sale w/Coupons?!?

  1. As a regular harbor freight customer .. I'm pretty upset they would get rid of the 20% off coupon that allows me to buy the lil consumable tools and supplies 😑

  2. No more useless coupon that excludes half the stuff you actually want of any real quality, but you have to pay to get discounts on… not the stuff you actually want to use a coupon on (Hercules, Icon, etc.), but more useless stuff.

  3. "Super coupon" that excludes most of the store! Ur sounding like a fanbear dude. RIP HF! But I should thank them because for not much more money I got a way better generator with a 3yr warranty. 👍

  4. But, but, I like the magazines of coupons 🙁
    My Zoomer self likes a good old booklet lol. There's just something about having it there to hold.
    Ya know?

  5. I used to be an avid supporter of HF but recently I refuse. What's $10 or even $20 off of ur spending $300+? Not gonna lie ur starting to sound like ur on the HF payroll. I can't justify paying name brand prices for no name tools with little or no warranty! & Stop acting like HF is always so packed that ur waiting in huge lines behind hoards of people with pockets full of coupons. They've lost out on over $1,500 from me. Keep ur crap brands with crap warranties @ crap prices!

  6. Nice video on HF. I live an one hr drive from the store and my issue is the short amount of time they run the sale. I like to link other items I need in other stores to the trip but this is just my issue. I don't need the new or old free stuff that I hardly ever use but my friend loves the old free stuff.

  7. @ 12:10. "Deal on everything you buy, not just on the big item and nothing on the rest". Referring to the 20% off. Um that clearly states 20% off any "one" single item per customer per day? Dunno what the __ your talking about but that's never been anything more than a 1 X and 1 item coupon…..

  8. I used the 20% coupon most. In fact I used the 20% coupon when I needed something that Harbor freight has. It allowed me to buy the item I needed at a decent price regardless of a item specific coupon on that item. I rarely used the item specific coupons. If they no longer have the 20% coupon I will probably shop there much less.

  9. You have to understand that we as humans want to think we are getting a deal rather than actually getting one. Look at places like Ross that puts a "suggest retail" price on the tag. It's not actually what it sells for but customers always think it is. Watch the documentary on JC Penney. They were known for coupons and it's what brought people in. They got a new CEO and decided to do the exact thing as harbor freight and just do instant savings instead. It almost crashed JC Penney over night and the CEO resigned and they brought back coupons and grew. Later a new CEO did the exact same thing and JC Penney went bankrupt. I agree it's stupid and instant savings make sense but it's not how humans think.

  10. I only liked the Freebie Coupons only on the magnetic tray and the blue lights. The blue lights were a plus when I was stocking up on them and handing them out to friends and family if they needed a light. I will miss the more often "20% Off Coupon" that won't be out as often. My $0.02.

  11. Love the 20% off coupon, but they did take 20% off on trailers in the past and don't now. And they did take 20% off compressors in the past and they don't now. I bought both with 20% coupons probably around 8- 10 years ago or so. Somewhere around I have the receipt for my 4'x4' trailer that sold w tax for under $160 due to the discount. Wish the trailers were still covered. Probably there are some other items that were reduced by 20% way back but aren't now.

  12. HF is literally just moving to a sales model like every other store in America. How many places do you know where you need a specific coupon when a specific item goes on sale?? No. Lowe's and HD just put the item on sale

    I agree the dickering at the car lot is half the fun. I watched my dad a few months ago ask for $300 off their first price and took the deal. 🤯 The salesman walked away and I said "That's so embarrassing. You didn't even try…" 😂

  13. They almost always excluded the central machinery tools from the 20% off coupons. I waited a long time for a coupon that included the 14in bandsaw. I am currently holding out for a dust collector. If they don't have coupons, it probably won't happen.

  14. 20% off items upto $10. That just doesn't knock my socks off. I see it as petty. I myself would actually have to do research to find usable items at that price point. Off the top of my head a pack of batteries comes to mind. The type of batteries that don't last as long as the big brand name. Bear I'm still on board the den of tools train, but I can't help but to disagree with your thoughts of savings. I was anticipating you releasing this exact content.

  15. I liked the free light. I would use them until they die, then move on. I got the free bug zapper and that thing is awesome, still 3 years later. The stuff was free, yes some was junk, but you just throw it away when it breaks.

  16. I like those LED flashlights. I keep them all over the place. I also haven't been there since I can't get a 20% off coupon to show up on my phone. The 30% off under 10 is good to stock up on clamps.

  17. The one big problem I have with Harbor Freights upper tier brands is the 90 day warranty that comes with them. For brands like Warrior or Chicago Electric, ok. But if I'm paying nearly the same price for a tool compared to a name brand competitor, a 90 day standard warranty doesn't install much confidence in tools geared toward the pro per their own marketing.

  18. I think some coupons will stay I got a 20 percent off any one item in the mail recently it was a postcard.I think that will happen a few times a year. Not printing the catalog will save them a ton of money and I think that saving will translate into more savings for us with the instant savings.

  19. I bought $155 worth of 30% off under $20 today as an itc member they said the coupon isn't limited to 5 items and I may go back tomorrow

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