Harbor Freight Coupons February 2021 – 20% Off Tremendous Low cost Coupon and BIG CHANGES!

Harbor Freight Coupons February 2021 – 20% Off Tremendous Low cost Coupon and BIG CHANGES!

In the present day we have a look at the Newest Harbor Freight Coupons for February 2021, Plus presumably the final 20% Off Coupon for some time. We Discuss Instruments and BIG CHANGES …

32 thoughts on “Harbor Freight Coupons February 2021 – 20% Off Tremendous Low cost Coupon and BIG CHANGES!

  1. There are some BIG Changes coming to Harbor Freight some of which I will explain in this video. The slow phasing out of the 20% off coupon and more.

  2. Yep… The coupons and deals kept me shopping there for years even when I didn't even need anything! Change your business model and say goodbye to once-loyal customers.

  3. Just FYI, if you’re needing cheap but good batteries Member’s Mark (Sam’s Club) and Kirkland’s (Costco) are both great options! Also, I have one of those felt tip WD40 pens and I just swipe both ends before I put them in something and never had any problems with them!

  4. I have a solar light with motion that I got at Walmart 3+ years ago still works great. It is a large flat led light that you put on a pipe as high as you need, it's bright I don't remember the name but it is Walmarts brand oh ya you can adjust the lights and motion sensor to where you want it. Thanks

  5. I built a 6×12 tandem trailer I use thr Bauer 4.5 elect grinder it still performs a well a Mikita the 9.99 grinder I’ve counsumed those in one daydatusage

  6. I stopped shopping there because I'm not jumping through hoops for their coupons. Northern has better quality tools and they send me coupons ..
    Harbour freight won't last much longer like this..thanks for the video anyway..

  7. Yeah, well, in the past year I've also noticed that they've raised their prices on some items and then offered a discount. And, if you're an inside track member, I've been bit by this a couple of times where they offer x% off but then they don't ring it up at the counter and you have to ask for it. And they're online ordering is crazy. You're a member, you've logged in, you add an item to the cart that is supposed to be discounted but the discount doesn't appear. Why? Because you have to go to the inside track page, click on the item from there and then if it's available online, order it that way. Many items are 'in store' only so there is no 'add to cart' so in that case you have remember what the discounted price is, and watch carefully when they ring up your order. And more disturbing is that most stuff has no warranty (beyond the return period which may include a restocking fee) unless you buy it and the clerks at the store get a commission on each warranty so sometimes they'll go thru this long speech about the benefits of a purchased warranty.

  8. I love the community and love the comments I want to know if they are happy with their products or if they are so so I sometimes bye a product and if it get just one job done then it was worth the price I can sometimes recoup the money on a job so if I get the warranty and it breaks down I just bring it back

  9. what your saying about the 3/8 ratchet you must of got a bad battery because mine last up to four hours and i'm in a professional auto shop.

  10. I do enjoy your videos (and I did "like" this, of course), but I think they would be better, and certainly shorter, if you didn't kind of go on and on about some of the items (e.g., the batteries). Just a suggestion offered to be helpful, not mean or critical! Your content is generally quite good, but I suspect that some people may never hear it because they see an almost half-hour video and decide to pass. Again, just a suggestion.

  11. I spent $50 at both my harbor freight stores and neither had the bag… they told me it's "as supplies last" even though the coupon doesn't say it!

  12. I got two of those security lights at Sam's club and I've had mine for at least 4 – 5 yrs . Sorry I can't remember what I paid for them !

  13. Bunker hill lights $9 pretty good. Have them mounted on wall side of house. Over garbage cans 👍 works good. Have the other between house & a detached garage walk way. Does the job. So far so good 2 months now

  14. Pretty sure the Mcgraw compressor is oil free… There web site now has it as oil free. The 20 Gal takes oil. Typo on the coupon I think.

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