25 thoughts on “GTA On-line Double Cash and Reductions This Week (GTA 5 Occasion Week) | Dec 31st – Jan sixth

  1. Oh hey I remember that race, the one featured for the background video of course, I spent most of it in that mid-field pack but was a fun race😂👍
    An interesting event week I guess, some decent sales but got most of the vehicles already, with the exception of the Taipan, but I think I'll hold off until a better sale, maybe one of those 80% off with Prime Gaming sales in future if it happens🤔

  2. They did some stealth patches to the heist. I used to have patrol boats after making a hard left out of main gate upon leaving they are no nowhere to be found or show up super slowly (according to a friend). They had to have patched their spawn route.

  3. the stupid but super funny thing, is that if u have the criminal enterprise pack, u get the car for free! lmao! r* is super dumb sometimes

  4. How many people are pissed off that they bought the Phantom Wedge either last week or the week before and now can't save 800k on it?

  5. What a great event week to start off the new year. Hasn't in and out been double money for like 3 weeks now? It's a pretty shit game mode btw. It's almost impossible to win if your competition is even decent because when they die they spawn 5 feet away from you.

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