26 thoughts on “GTA Double Cash & Reductions This Week | GTA 5 ONLINE WEEKLY UPDATE (Buzzard 40% Off)

  1. If you already own the podium vehicle, try to win it, sell the old car to get your money back, then you can tune the new podium car back. Saves you more money! Hope this tip helps. By the way players, what do you think about this double money week? Kinda meh Later edit: Kosatka upgrades are discounted by 25%

  2. Can someone help me make a decision. Never done this before, but idk what too do. Should I buy the coquette for the percentage discount it’s on for? Is it worth it? Or should I wait until it comes on again for a better discount?

  3. You just can't sell your own Toreador like that bruv are you crazy or what?
    Attention!!! : For the modded car if you sell the modded the owner will get banned

  4. Anybody trying to play Survival???? WE CAN MAKE IT TO ROUND 20 ‼️‼️💯 Only on the Meth Lab map tho cuz that’s the easy glitch. Lmk I’m on PS4

  5. Bruh this is not fair. Why is that a free car on the podium?? The fact it comes with missiles for free and u don’t need a vehicle workshop makes it way op & infinity missiles smh!

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