39 thoughts on “Gross sales Woman | Penqueen #1 | Ft Ival Nandhini | Blacksheep

  1. Excuse me blacksheep..
    Script and acting is vera level..
    But we don't want diclaimer..
    Munnadi bs value nalla dha irundhuchuu..
    But, neenga payment nu pottuteega… Bs value la money konjam adhigama varudhu .. Adhukkaga bs value app aa recommend pannureenga.. Indha disclaimer unga motha nalla perayae ketta name aa maathiruchuu.. So sad.. Venam indha disclaimer 🙏🙏
    Kodi kumbudu nalla irupeenga.. While remove this disclaimer 😊

  2. The sales Girl Each and every time they suffers lot pain & Smile 😃 to customer They standing more than 10 Hours They sacrifice dream for family & Work hard Salute them 👍 Respect Them 👍👍 பெண் Queen 👸 Nandini & Monisha Best performance Semma Super

  3. Everyone should understand the pain behind sales girls…♥️ Summa, every dress select panitu open Pani pathutu reject pandradhu …..please respect them🙏😊👍Hatsoff to all the salesgirls around the world

  4. Like Nan komali series this also would be huge hit…Kudos to Nandhini akka…Apdiye andha Nan komali season 2 ah continue pana nala irukum…

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