43 thoughts on “Greatest LG TVs To Purchase (2020) – Finances, NANO, & OLED

  1. So i own a LG nanocell 86 model and i havnt had any issues with blacks lookin black in dark rooms i watch and collect alot of blu ray movies and havnt experienced this issue,unless i became colorblind all of the sudden.The tv is great for gaming with great VRR.Only downfall i have noticed is the HDR for watching movies doesnt stand out very well,i find putting movies in vivid or even sports mode makes details and colors pop more but thats just my preference.

  2. Will NEVER BUY LG again!!!

    In 2015 i bought a LG 65UF8509 for 3000 euro. Some days ago i just turned on the TV without have moved the TV and i got a purple thin vertical line that does not dissappear anymore. Always i watch and the background is dark i can see that line.

    The TV did some software updates and i can b sure that the company has injected a code to break my expensive TV.


  3. Is there any model that supports 3d? Why only projectors support 3d today and no television? I'm keeping my old Sony 3d bravia tv until I can replace it by something decent.

  4. I'm looking between LG 55UN7400 (w/ free LG SK1 sound bar) vs Sony 55X7500H. Both at same price. W/c one is should I get? Will use it primarily as a living room set

  5. When you show the video of viewing angle am I the only one who finds it looks horrible when you say IPS have great viewing angles?

  6. Parle nous de la compatibilité consoles avec les TV, problème de bugs 8K et 4K et le HDMI 2.1 qui n'est pas encore finalisé.
    N'oublie pas de nous ajouter sur des TV LG OLED 8K120 HZ et des écrans micro LED 16K240 FPS.

    Merci d'avance

  7. My city stores is current selling LG C9 more 25% cheaper than LG CX model, what should i get between it ? Does LG CX worth more than C9 at that rate price?

  8. Always had 7 or 8 series Samsung. Got talked into a Nano LG 49” 9 series at Curry’s for our snug. Didn’t last a year. Back to Samsung QLED, much better 🤔

  9. I can live with the nano90 picture flaws, But I hate that I cannot set a default audio source, damn thing switches to internal speakers when I switch from TV apps to av receiver equipment. Sucks

  10. I like sitting 3ft away from my screen, not really, its horrendous on your eyes!! wear Glasses?! LOL…keep you LGHDTV`s.

  11. Love LG and is looking after a new TV now.. my issue is I watch lots of movies and gaming.. Oled would be great for movies but horrible if burn in gaming.. the Nanocell is perfect for gaming with no risk of burn in.. but not good at movies. Thinking about other brands that can do both without burn in and still able to pay for it.🤔

  12. i really love this TV. the Samsung Q80T Series 2020 worth the price, because of the picture quality and the sound quality. it much life more easier if you get the amazon brand with Alexa. here is the link to the product on amazon, go ahead check it for yourself https://amzn.to/2HQpAYf

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