46 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 9 vs GoPro Max: Which Ought to You Purchase?

  1. I have the Max myself and do much blogging with it, I find this side is fine but when underwater it’s absolutely terrible as it seems out of focus because of the lens

  2. I didn’t understand why you said “go for the hero 9 for quality” if the quality seams way better with the Max on this videos 🤔
    now I’m confused which to get 🤣

  3. can any one tell me is their any software/video editor in window 10 where I can edit max 360 video without any monthly subscription.

  4. I have no idea what your talking about the Hero Max is superior by FAR! I don’t get it why your saying that Hero 9 has superior video NO WAY!

  5. Стас "иэтохорошо" стал снимать обзоры?! Ммм, поглядим…
    (да, это шутка рассчитанная на русскоязычную аудиторию 🙂 )

  6. Bro you got the labels swapped, the audio is way stronger on the hero9 while the max is quieter. I’m pretty sure same thing happened with your video testing or you got the quality turned down

  7. Oh yeah. Am so happy about this . I bought the Max not knowing half of this. Your up and personal look at these cameras is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing your fndings

  8. Sorry to say this. But your audio test is wrong, should be vice versa. Hero 9 defenitely the best audio now versus other action cam. Like if you agree.

  9. Good morning, all right. I really enjoyed watching your videos, so much that I put likes on them, and I would like to know if you could help me know what program I can install on my PC, with Windows 10 in order to be able to watch the videos I capture at 360º. It's possible. I would be grateful if you could give a tip. Hugs

  10. Whatching from Philippines..for you which is better to use daily or what so ever or even if you are traveller which is better to buy between hero9 vs Max..

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