6 thoughts on “GLOSSYBOX JANUARY | 2021 | UNBOXING & Low cost Code

  1. Omg! You should check out the YouTube channel, Steve and Steph resale killers. They are currently on day 9 of 10 days of the feet peeling masks. It looks so gross, but they are so hilarious with their reactions. Lol.

  2. CBD products won’t make you ‘high’ as hemp products are a different type of cannabis than marijuana. They are tested and regulated and are sold in health food stores and CBD stores. My sister just bought a CBD store. I have tried the sublingual drops, the flavored drink additives, and pre-rolled flower. I like the sublingual drops the best. The drink additives still smell and taste kinda ‘dank’, and I didn’t really note anything significant from smoking the pre-rolled flower (raw herb). There’s a lot I have not tried, but it comes in many forms. Capsules might be a good choice.

  3. Sorry to have missed you. I agree on reusing the boxes, I use mine for jewellery. I love bioderma micellair water & agree that my skin products should smell floral & herbal. I also use CBD products, the oil & the topical treatments, I find them great for muscle pain. I have ME & arthritis & CBD is helpful for both, I agree that it can be expensive. Your box looks great, still waiting for mine. The products will be different in the UK apart from the reuseable cotton rounds.

    Can’t wait to see your unboxing of your Goddess Provision box! Glad to see you so upbeat & happy! Xxx

  4. CBD is amazing 💕 it did wonders for my anxiety issues!
    And dispensaries refers to cannabis but some do sell cbd products too lol. But you can buy cbd products at many places (tobacco shops, pharmacies, health stores, and even Ulta lol)

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