1. A lot depends on the type of paint they used….. but, denatured alcohol would probably do it no matter what type of paint. Good luck!

  2. The metal grater set. Has different parts for different shredding and slicing. My grams had those. I loved making the coleslaw with it

  3. I would have gotten the little high heel shoes.. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM !! I would have made an offer. I used to work for Mardi Gras World in New Orleans, LA … the shoes reminded me of the Muses Parade. The ladies decorate some high heels and then throw or rather hand them to people off of the floats !!! I never get lucky enough to see things like that at Garage Sales here in Seattle, Washington.

  4. A good ol SOS pad should rub the paint off. I seen a lot I would have gotten including the large perfume bottles, clem, nail file, art glass bowl and for my mom the cross and the buddah dish. The good shoes would have to come with me for my poshmark. thanks for the videos

  5. I really like it when you do a voice over. You can tell us what you were thinking when you were looking at stuff and you could tell us about what the man offered for the key chains. I always go back and look two ore three times to see what I missed. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those LiL Collectable Shoe Ornaments 👡👠🥿👢 Were SO AWESOME &UNIQUE …..I Would Have Bought Them All …..'Cos I'm Such A Shoe Fanatic 🤗 I LOVE ME SOME SHOES 💜😍💜 I Also Would Have Bought That Cake🎂 Stand That Her Kids Painted For Her & Left It Painted …It's One Of A Kind , Very Original 💛 & I LOVED🥰 That Cross Bought 💜🤗💜

  7. Try acetone on the paint. I use it all the time. Nail polish remover. Everyone has that laying around. Great sale! Wish I was there😁

  8. I would have spent hours there and the back of my truck probably would have been full! I would have had to make an ATM run myself!
    That cross was gorgeous!

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