1. @ThriftyTreasures It's too bad you live in Texas.. I'm about to have a yard sale and I have almost half a foldable white table FULL of jewelry to sell. I'm in PA Mont Co. Yuck!

  2. Girl- you get yourself a pool!!! And put a hot tub with it- even if it's a small one. I'm wondering if your daughter would love those shirts on the fence?? Mine would have gone crazy for the llama one and the dog one. Probably all of them! xo

  3. I really loved those dresses- they would be really cute with a jacket and some boots- can ya tell I live in a cold climate??? hahaha. Love the painting- so 60's astro. Meet George Jetson.

  4. We all love your little tune in the ginning of ya vids. Click click click… And, ifn ya don't make any new ones, we just watchin older ones agin. Shop on!

  5. I really like the way you take your time I searched and searched for garage sale videos to watch and I’m hooked on yours! Thanks!

  6. love the sales you find! I am feeling a bit low, pretty upset right now because of maybe have made some really bad decisions on how to make extra $$, and put $$ towards something that I thought would better myself and I just don't know what to do. Used my husband's cc to order something and its taken over 2 hours to download. I am really having a hard time and wanted to hear a sweet voice and see your videos. I just want to scream I am so upset and feel like I have nowhere to turn. thank you for allowing us to come along with your sale walks..

  7. Love your videos but I want you to be aware now with the go pro that your filming a lot of children in your videos . There's a lot of creepers on the net and most parents would not like their children filmed this is why you'll see a lot turn theirs off at times or edit the kids out . If you keep it on an angle that faces the tables you'll avoid people's faces so on. Look forward to next vid💖

  8. Me on the other side ..I want that ..get that ..ohh look how cute…🤦 Wish I could do this lol ..It will be great to one day meet and do shopping…lol

  9. Me shouting at my laptop for you to go back and get the paintings. Then you go back and get the paintings. Huge sigh of relief lol!

  10. Gosh you're right, the last sale was the bomb…good stuff! I don't know what it is, but I feel so relaxed when I watch you garage saling! Thank you for all your efforts…

  11. Hey, Tonya. Are men allowed to comment on your videos? Ha. Love your videos. As much as I like the other videos out there, there’s something to be said for how yours. No rushing, one sale at a time. But you find stuff at the type of sales I walk up to, cringe and walk right back out of.

  12. Love those two gold framed pictures. They look kind of Grandma Moses farmlife? Not sure. Can't wait to get a better look. They are GOLD!

  13. You have the most relaxing garage-yard sale videos. Love watching you look through things and conversation with the sellers, the outdoor sounds. I think part of it is the slow relaxed camera and not jumping from one thing to the next, you give us time to see all the items for sale. Thanks!

  14. There was a picture there that was a R. Atkinson Fox, could be valuable
    Artwork I know about and was in the framing business

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