1. ARIATS ma'am….Your camera doesnt angle on the item..but when you picked up the Tractor Supply caps.yup she's a cowgirl..LOL the giggles on you~~~

  2. Good job count ahead of paying that way you know how much it will be.👍 never say that’s cute out loud to seller you saw she said that’s $2 right away . Keep calm when playing and don’t rush out of there without looking at your bills . Last year there was a lot of counterfeit bills being giving out at garage sales in Amarillo Texas. I am glad I didn’t go to any around that area. Well thanks for sharing….

  3. Tonya, don't ever apologize for being short of breath. I think it's wonderful that you're putting out great videos and living life! I too, take prednisone as needed for health conditions. Believe me gal, I apologize for nothing when I'm on it! Ha

  4. I am a new subscriber and I really enjoy this video this could be a interesting channel I always enjoy going to yard sales when I can.

  5. Every time I watch one of your videos I think to myself, you sound just like a dear friend of mine.
    TFS I love the all your stuff.

  6. I want that peace sign hand! Let me know what your doing with it. Great deal on Uggs and boots! As always thanks for the ride!

  7. I noticed that your voice reminds me of Thelma Thrift . You two sound very much alike 🙂 I like to look for craft materials if I get to a garage sale 🙂

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