1. We used to sing a song in the piano bars back in the 70's called "Second Hand Rose' "They call me 2nd hand Rose, …🎵🎶🎹… now that songs stuck in my head. LOL. TFS

  2. Great items. Love your picture!! Quilts are nice too. I donated a quilt last year. I wish I didn’t now. It was made from 1940’s. Ladies of the library. I just never used it. Should of sold it. Oh well. Great finds!! 💕💕

  3. The quilts and the butterfly picture are ah-may-zinggg! Great garage sales today! I love that you raise butterflies 🦋 you’re the coolest!!

  4. Those quilts handmade are worth a lot. Love the framed art also. I'd say at least $50 on the quilts. May sound high but your also charging for the time they spent. I'd pay it. My mom use to make quilts, crochet pieces and clothes.

  5. Hi. The basket the jewelry was in was nice, a yes to the quilts, the pictures good choices. I look at mugs too, I like the large size with unique colors or paint effects. Have a good week & take care 🎆🎄🎆

  6. I can’t believe how you scored on those quilts! I have an idea for your booth or maybe your home. An artist I know put chicken wire on an empty picture frame. And then she hung Christmas pins on it in the shape of a Christmas tree. It looks great and I was thinking I could do the same thing but with my brooch collection. Of course, I don’t have enough brooches so I will have to shop for more!

  7. Nice little haul Tonya, years ago late 70’s Early 80’s, I had an antique- Thrift store, and the butterfly and dried flower pictures were super popular. I had an entire collection of differant species of butterflies in the old oval frames. There beautiful. 🦋🦋🦋

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