38 thoughts on “GameStop (GME) Inventory – is it a Purchase?

  1. I got in AMC yesterday. Most trading platforms aren’t allowing any openings of new positions now. I’m taking all my gains from this and investing heavily into HCMC (potential millionaire maker)

  2. Another thing to keep in mind is IRS taxing that A$$ on all these gainz. I have my fun money and my def Comp money where I’m making most of my plays.

  3. When these hedge funds cover, they have to liquidate from where? Other equities that are in pension funds of “regular “ people. Did see market bleed? It’s like a vortex. I completely disagree with this Ponzi scheme

  4. Ok. Maybe I’ll buy one share. What the hell, I can afford to throw away $300 to join in on the fun! I’ll buy one tomorrow pre market, and I’ll think of it as a donation to F&@&CK the “big boys”!!!

  5. I spend money on game apps all the time and get nothing out of it other than a little fun. That's how I'm looking at this. I'm paying this money and just having a little fun. Not going to expect anything else.

  6. I invested in GME in the beginning of January, I bought my shares @ $35, so I had 5.2 shares. My interest was cause of the lack of PS5's also for the company alone. Friday, I was in shock of the value I received. Did some research of the mayhem. Monday it dropped a bit I freaked out and sold my shares. I totally been beating myself up about it since then. 2 days later I bought more shares at $75 and today added on top of it. I'm comfortable if it's a loss. I really do think that this will disappear Monday, you can only play so much. On the other hand, keep the money coming in so I can invest it in FUKIN NIO BRO TO THE FUCKIN MOON!!! 👉 🚀 🌙.

  7. My diamond hands is in NIO!! I get in 25 share yesterday then get out when the market open today, I gain like 2k and I used it to buy more NIO. Lets FKN GOOO!!!

  8. I have been holding BB for quite a few months actually, when it was 5-6 dollars lol. Didn't really follow the market cuz my 9-5 job is wrecking me all this week, but I noticed it has 4-5x lol, oh well.

  9. Have you heard that r/WallStreetBets has been turned private by Reddit? It was soon after Discord shut down their group on Discord. Why do you think that happened? I bet the big boys got word to discord and reddit and forced them to shut off the pipe. Why? because they're rich — the rich ALWAYS win. It's completely ridiculous the blatant manipulation like this happens and the f-ing fact that is that the regulators are likely in on it. Absolutely f-ing ridiculous.

  10. YOLO, I ain't touching gme but I did get a bunch of amc at about 5 dollars the other day. Gonna bring them gains back to NIO BABYYY LETS FKN GOOOOO!!! We gotta f**k them hedge funds when you get the chance. They hate it now the tables turn.

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