20 thoughts on “FOR SALE – Cocktail of Desires – 62' Trad 2007 Alexander / Kingsground

  1. Well, between a satellite dish and an antenna you've pretty well got your television bases covered. 🙂 Put me down among those who would replace that carpet first thing, at least in the galley/bathroom/engine/utility room areas (I think I could handle it in just the saloon/dining/bedroom areas). Overall though this looks like a solid boat for the price. I could see myself living aboard quite happily… though I think someone will be doing more than just 'seeing themselves' living aboard in short order.

  2. A fairly well-fitted out boat for the price. Of course, you will either love or hate the Mid-engine; some feel they are beautiful if not historic, others will balk at the waste of space and noise. To me, this boat on the inside, appeared somewhat dated, the red carpeting was very much a detraction. I do feel, however, if you changed out that carpeting for laminate wood or even better yet, some rustic tongue and groove and then, painting the upper half of the sidewall panels a pleasing color, you really could modernize this boat into something quite eye appealing. I would also consider gluing down thin tongue and groove wood to the ceiling, painting it white and really dressing up this boat. I think this boat has great potential as a small project boat, only to modernize the interior. I would also change out the tile in the galley, and add sensible flooring material to the bathroom. Still . . . this boat has much to offer just the way it sits, and the exterior is quite nice.

  3. Ahhhhh! Lose the dinette for a table and chairs, rip up the carpet for wood or laminate, and this boat is juuuuuuuuusst right for me. I'll even come to love the traditional engine!

  4. A serious question though where did this red theme appear on narrow boats, many have the lounges dinettes and curtains in similar colours ???

  5. Lovely boat like others I am not a fan of the carpet but that is purely cosmetic. There are some lovely flooring options now so the decorating sky is the limit.

  6. This is really a lovely boat.

    I do have one question. Most of the narrowboats I have seen walkthroughs of have the TV in a location that makes it difficult or impossible to watch comfortably. Do people move the tv to a more convenient place to watch and put it back when not in use?

    Other than that, they seem to be well thought out.

  7. If you’re too long you can hang your feet off the end of the bed!!! Suppose that could be a desk or anything.
    All that said she’s a great boat. 👍🏻

  8. I always wonder how much heat you lose when you have the stove in the far corner, instead of more in the center of the saloon/galley.

  9. Very beautiful, I really like the old school utility and engine room arrangement, very roomy, ideal liveaboard for 2 people with the occasional guest

  10. Nice little boat. I like the utility room with w/d. I think the bathroom is dinky and too close to the kitchen. If the engine was underneath the cabin and bathroom was bigger it would be perfect. I’m not a bit picky!!!

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