41 thoughts on “First Purchase In Six Weeks Is This Going To Be A New Regular


  2. The only time I'm thankful for my death piles! I'm sad to miss the spring rummage season as that is a great place to source for me. I'm a part time ebayer who also stays at home with the kids

  3. I sell in a special niche. Large items and a minimum $125.00 profit. I had a feeling something was going to happen so back in November I started building up stock. I'll probably sell out next week. I can get more but it's not going to be as easy as it used to be. I'll probably go from making a very easy $5000 profit a month to about $2500 profit a month. Which is ok because I'm retired, I just do this for fun. But, I just have this selling thing in my blood. On the bright side, I'll only be working about 5-6 hours a week now but it just gets me so excited when I sell something. Hell, I can make $1 and it excites me! ….. but you will never catch me making a $1 profit. lol

  4. I just recently started watching you Mr.Pete, sorry for your loss may Milo R.I.P.,some am pleased you found a new companion in Honey, your bird is awesome also, I enjoy watching you and seeing all the wonderful things that you find. Keep up the great work, during this time of quarantine we need some wholesome entertainment. Have a great day!
    Great-Grandma Gwendolene

  5. People need to stop acting like this is Ebola. Don't get me wrong, people should be careful, but you are not in more danger today than you were a year ago, you're just aware of it now. We can't hide forever. That is worse than anything this virus can do to you.

  6. Has anyone looked into the antibody testing in Los Angeles county that have suggest the actual infection rate is close to 50 times the reported cases?
    This means the true death is far lower than being reported.

    Anyone looked into the fact the coronavirus has been around for decades, and no vaccine has been discovered? This is just the 2019 version thus the covid-19 name.

    We're under a lockdown for what?

    Happy flipping. The truth will soon be discovered, and the economy will recover. I don't think the stock market is buying this lie any longer.

  7. Is it even possible to get "film"- kasettes to the poalroid these days? Omg!!! Those film-cameras still worth that much???? In Sweden they are like either almost give them away, as they are hard to sell…😖

  8. Awww Pete?…helping out a friend, of a friend of friend…not to willing film…..sounds a little shady..😬….
    Hope u got a Some little goodies!…u should have given him a bid on 50 instead!!! Lol

  9. Desperation makes a poor buying companion. Do yourself a big favor and keep the camcorder (if it works) & just throw the rest of the shit out. Won't be worth the time & effort to clean and test it all. I'd bet you already have other stuff you'd be better off listing.I'd also bet you already figured this out. Been there ,done that.

  10. "Thrifting" is your drug of choice . . . You light up like a Christmas tree when you're goin' sourcing ! Good to see you smilein' AND out & about . . . Another store ? NO maybes Pete ! ! ! Make it happen ! ! ! Remember ~ PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE 👍Na Zdrowie✌

  11. The new normal will be black market activity … lots of desperate homeless people or people on verge of homeless coming inbto sell stuff… i imagine the new normal will resemble the normal you left behind in the iron curtain country you originally come from Pete… it may look a little different and those who comply fully will do the best if they aren’t taken out by the medical industry … I know it seems cray cray to most people, but after what I saw with my dad dying from a flu shot and the response I got from the care takers who told me they had a lot of clients dying from flu shots and nursing home workers observing the same thing … do what you can to avoid doctors and hospitals … I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s a deception

  12. Those air conditioner units are a life saver when your AC goes out and it's hot outside and inside. I keep mine handy at my mothers as she is in her 90s now.

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