Finest Shares To Purchase Now 🔥🔥🔥 Excessive Progress Shares January 2021

Finest Shares To Purchase Now 🔥🔥🔥 Excessive Progress Shares January 2021

Finest Shares To Purchase Now. Excessive Progress Shares January 2021! Be part of our personal neighborhood on Patreon. Watch my Patreon Advantages Video, …

33 thoughts on “Finest Shares To Purchase Now 🔥🔥🔥 Excessive Progress Shares January 2021

  1. What do you think of APXT? Merging with AvePoint Q1 2020. They’re the largest Microsoft 365 Data Management Solutions Provider.

  2. hey check plantX stock that just started trading on OTC! new vegan lifestyle ecommerce stock + brick and mortar stores coming. 60M market cap with 50-70M projected 2021 revenues!!!

  3. you put sunpower back up there!! and it killed it!!!! I'm crying for dropping my 400 shares at 20. Their was zero reason for me to do so….zero lol

  4. Can u please do a Christmas special
    Listing out the top 10" etf to buy in 2021
    I hope to invest in these active etf and then just let the fund manager manage the funds
    The Arkk series

  5. Hi Jerry, just a heads up: I don't see this video under my subscriptions, even though I am subscribed and follow all your videos. Maybe it is just on my account, but I see all other videos you post here, even the one your posted 3 hours before this one about Patreon.
    So you might wanna check what it is all about. I stumbled upon this video by accident on my home page

  6. Beautiful Jerry. When I was in Vietnam all I saw was the inside of a base warehouse and the dusty back streets of Saigon. Much enjoy your videos and love your enthusiasm

  7. Hey Jerry I'm down 15% on Mesa bought in at $7.70 and I've been reading alot about the huge share sell offs from the CEO and many other higher ups. What are your thoughts on the big sell offs? Is this an indication of something to come?

  8. Jerry. What do you think of TTCF (Tattooed Chef) and BYND ? TTCF spiked 15% Monday. I would like to make an entry in both. TTCF spiked up too much too fast for me (1 day). BUT is this the beginning of a trend ?

  9. Great video Jerry! I have 275 shares of UAL @49 and its dropping as we speak. Would you just hold UAL until rebound or sell at loss and pick up NIO? TIA!

  10. Not bashing pfizer but plz keep eyes on Nio. only keep mentioning this due to this having a lot of people watching. I want people to see I have some intel. I want people to buy some intel off of me of other stocks. you see I'm correct of course. Nio is a power house so I can see if you think I'm just going off its astonishing growth. I'll say this heed my warning. when Nio take a dip in these couple of weeks and I'll call it out. the chose is yours but when the dip comes and you pass on it that's on you. after the dip it will skyrocket again. I'm giving nio for free to build reputation on intel. I did a little forecast let's see if I'm correct. but the two other stocks will not be free. people doubt my knowledge we shall wait and see brothers and sisters. I will give out the warning when it's time. build me a community when I'm right. and pfizer I will not bash any longer for you have eyes. Ig investinthefuturewithme

  11. Thanks Jerry. I’m in a lot of stocks I would have never known about if it weren’t for you. I just lack the conviction to buy like you. I’ve realized there is a bear that loves inside me. I’m always thinking there is going to be a dip… and then I miss out. 😳🧐🙄

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