1. That is a beautiful estate! What is the source of the water for it? Is it 'treated' water with filters? Can one drink it? Are there septic tanks for the toilet and water waste? The views into the valley are spectacular. I enjoyed your presentation of this little gem.

  2. I appreciate the different views and angles of the camera. I know this takes time but gives we viewers different perspectives of each property and it's features. Thank you!

  3. Questa è stata tra tutte la più bella per la sua semplicità, importante da vivere non un giorno ma sempre!

    Bravo Danilo..Un professionsita calmo e sicuro.

  4. La struttura è bellissima e ben tenuta ma Danilo mi ha lasciato affamato mangiando quei deliziosi tartufi la prossima volta mi invitano Come sempre un ottimo tour della proprietà e una recensione della proprietà e del luogo in cui si trova Love Danilo

  5. Are there modern, steel, glass and concrete villas?
    Love your videos, but I prefer modern houses. Or old houses with modern interiors, maybe with Philippe Starck or Armani furniture.

  6. romolini immobiliare/christies include a wide variety of luxury residences. Without exception, the various villas, farmhouses and vineyard estates definitely highlight Italian (Tuscan and Umbrian especially and Campania too) artistry and luxury mostly in very desireable private and serene locations.

    It is a very great pleasure to follow Danilo's tours of these properties and appreciate the simple but elegant style of his delivery and presentation. In this property, I noticed that either the majority of the doorways are either quite low or Danilo is quite tall…assuming the doorways are at a normal height, Danilo must be at least 185cm. At 176cm, I wonder would I also find myself ducking walking under/through these doorways?

  7. What a lovely house! And Danilo is suave and eloquent as usual. It would be such a blessing if he could make some videos to teach us Italian on Youtube. xx

  8. Ppl were so smart back then building life far from everybody far from harms way, we need this in today’s more then ever 🙌🏼

  9. Besides that the homes being gorgeous & that they're in such a beautiful country & of course Danilo and his pleasant voice. Your videos are calming and a wondrous escape from everyday life. I look forward to every one of your videos.
    Mil gracias! 💙💙💙💙💙

  10. Hey Danilo.. I love every video… awesome places, awesome properties….your presentation is professional and soothing.. do you think you can do any estate tours around Lake Como area please, perhaps in the future..i LOOOVE Lake Como.

  11. This is truly the one, for now… because you offer so many beautiful and whimsical places! Anyway, great presentation. Thank you. I love everything about this place. It is cozy and unassuming. Comfortably luxurious, one could say😃

  12. Aweee 😊 yet another gorgeous video … starting with a cat making sure every visitor behaves 🤣 to lovely aerial views … and nature at its best. The ravioli al tartufo made me dribble lol, but the red sofas in this gorgeous property nearly gave me a heart attack 🤣.
    Also the solar panels … I’m sure they’re environmentally important, but they do interfere with the stunning architectural features created in that very warm stone. (I guess they could be removed).
    All in all, a stunning property presented professionally 😊. I can’t imagine this place not selling quickly as hot cake. Such a charming corner of Italy 🇮🇹. Well done!

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