Faceoff: Shopping for vs. Adopting a Canine

Faceoff: Shopping for vs. Adopting a Canine

Faceoff: Shopping for vs. Adopting a Canine – as a part of the sequence on canine and pets by GeoBeats. Shopping for a canine or adopting – which is healthier? If cuteness is necessary, you …

38 thoughts on “Faceoff: Shopping for vs. Adopting a Canine

  1. I recently bought a dog because I wanted a specific breed and got him, but everyone is mad I didn't adopt a dog. I really wish i could tell them to fck off. If you're that person, just don't say anything. In my opinion, adopting is a great thing, but just keep that opinion to yourself if your friend/family meber recently bought a dog.

  2. ADOPTING IS THE BEST!! You save lives!! In America 4,100 dogs and cats are killed EVERYDAY!! do you not feel any mercy for the poor animals!!!

  3. adopting i am in 2017 so in 2018 i am going to adopt a bunny from a shelter called pet house witch is only in Cairo Egypt and i live there i am so excited

  4. But…Dont all dogs deserve a good life, adopting or buying? Kind of hypocritical because you'd be saving both lives. But I do get the puppy mill point. I'm adopting soon.

  5. No matter what you do, don't buy a dog at a pet store like the video keeps mentioning. A lot of the dogs sold in pet stores come puppy mills. Not only that, but mixed breeds are less likely to have genetic problems unlike "pure"bred dogs, since a bunch of them have had inbreeding in the past.
    If you want to buy a dog, look for a responsible breeder. Still, adopting is much better since you are saving a life, not supporting puppy mills, you pay less money and making an abandoned dog happy for life. There's nothing better than that. Well.. maybe rescueing the dog itself if you can.

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