16 thoughts on “Excel Magic Trick 997: Add Every day Gross sales with Textual content Day Standards: three or four Day Abbreviation Conference

  1. I have a question re pivot table. If I have 3 years eg. 2014, 2013, 2012 on column and Months of row. how can I get % different between the years of 2013 vs 2012 and 2014 vs 2013.

  2. Not sure if I described it properly but i found it- Dueling Excel – "Address of Matching Cells": Podcast #1641. Thanks a lot for the response though..! Appreciate you having the time for your supporters…!

  3. Mr Girvin do you have an email or something like this ?
    I want to know if have something to create a dinamic chart, i'm working with some part numbers of type of wire of control and power.
    And have many characteristics but i crate an excel and it's too big to check information, please let me know if have something.

  4. I can't believe I have never used the NOT and the Isblank function. I need to make more time to view your videos! Thanks a million!

  5. Location? Do you mean relative location, cell address? Is it a one way lookup, two way lookup? I do not remember a video like that…

  6. Hi Mr. Girvin. Can you direct me to the video where you and Mr. Jelen showed how to do a vlookup and subsequently find the location of the lookup value wherever it might be in the lookup table? Thanks..! (Eagerly awaiting your new book!)

  7. Formulas that use ISBLANK will only find empty cells. Formulas that use null text string will find empty cells or null text strings.

  8. I don't quite understand though, the part about the difference between blank
    cells and null text strings. The original formula still returns the correct sum, 3,
    for this Tue/Tues criteria, if I delete for example cells a2:a6. Hope you have the time to
    clarify this for me. Thanks!

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