35 thoughts on “eight Issues I Am NO LONGER Shopping for

  1. Express makes pretty decent Tee’s, the problem is they have several different Tee Shirt categories and finding the one for u gets hectic

  2. Dude wtf you’ve gone to h&m and said to buy from there soo???? I’m confused….get it straight your all over the place

  3. There’s no way in hell I’m purchasing white and black t-shirts for a higher price… why? Because the white ones always end up with yellow stains under the armpits, while the black ones get white. Any other colour is okay to spend a little more

  4. He’s able to do it because of YouTube an us subscribers an all the sponsors an adds. What happened to the Jose that just wanted to help ugly ass people like me feel better by doing a top 10 list of some sought 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Look what success dose to you nice cars nice close a beautiful girlfriend if Jose was successful dude would be working at el pollo loco he wouldn’t have a smoking hot wife an a camaro zl1

  6. So basically everyone that is poor just be your self. Obviously because poor people can’t afford 2 closest full of shoes an multiple pairs of $500 glasses an 70 watches 🤮

  7. Get me a good discount on that AP then we ll start talking. The fifth and and all these are brands are child’s play next to that masterpiece

  8. I typically like your stuff. I even re post, or brag about it a little bit. This video was by far the worst. The information, the tips not so bad. Basically the majority of the content here was nothing but an advertisement. Hope this was a "one of", and not a sign of things to come.

  9. I know what I am definitely not buying…… Jade Black sunglasses. I can get them at the local arcade just by hitting 100 baskets in the bb game. I'll have fun and save money.

  10. not trying to be rude but you on't need shoptgr to get a notification. not all stores do this, but a good majority of websites offer an email notification.

  11. wearing slim shirt may show your body shape more than usual clothes, but I think is nothing wrong with the street wearing, I still prefer rocking hoodie like essential fog and stuff, think is more comfort that way, just my personal opinion

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