EASY Ideas On shopping for GOOD Okay-pop live performance tickets :)

EASY Ideas On shopping for GOOD Okay-pop live performance tickets :)

After filming this video I spotted that I unnoticed lots of different good ideas, I’ll do a Half 2 ^_^ I made a decision to share my ideas as a result of as of these days there was lots of …

36 thoughts on “EASY Ideas On shopping for GOOD Okay-pop live performance tickets :)

  1. Since I know a lot of you are planning on attending the 'Love yourself tour' I'm going to try and get a video out this weekend answering a lot of these FAQs!

  2. thank you for making this! tomorrow the stray kids concert tickets are going on sale and i’m emotionally not prepared for it lolol but this helped so much!!

  3. Hi, I want to ask that you know when you create a credit card there is a primary address on your card. When you buy the ticket does the billing address and your name have to match with your primary address and the name on your credit card?

  4. I just recently tried to get kcon 2018 la tickets. I had a problem. I confirmed my purchase then a error occurred. I was charged for the tickets that I ‘bought’ but I actually didn’t get the tickets. What do I do when a error occurs after I confirm my purchase? Please help me. The tickets were on sale on AXS

  5. "Use multiple devices". So is that like … You can log in with the same account on several devices at the same time?? (Sorry i'm german hehe)

  6. So when the countdown ends I don't refresh for the ticket options? Or did she mean don't refresh after you get in (after the 1st refresh)?

  7. thanks for the useful information! I like that you are pretty open to help us all out! There were a few things I didn't know about buying concert tickets so thank you!

  8. I want to ask my friends to help me but how does it work with the account? Can I login with the same account multiple times or do I need more accounts?

  9. I'm going to the concert in Fort Worth but I can't use ticket master. Only AXS and PowerHouse. I'm nervous using AXS because people have had bad experiences.

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