49 thoughts on “Each PSVR Recreation On Sale in North America REVIEWED!

  1. Bro, WTF ever happened to that awesome looking 2D side scroller that was on the demo disc? I can't even remember the name of it but I'm pretty sure it STILL hasn't been released. What happened???

  2. Thanks 🙏 Bryan we can always rely on your accurately honest reviews, I never buy any psvr game until you have reviewed how the game stacks up!

  3. Can you do more of these as usually when things are discounted I look on the psvr filter through the store but half of them dont come under that as they are just vr compatible. Or is there a way to see all vr compatible discounted games in the deals section?

  4. While not a fan of The Walker, I think for the price of just $3, it's not an awful purchase. I mean, it's nothing to write home about (only the final boss and the hardest difficulty were something were worth talking about) but it's definitely a better wave shooter than Reborn VR that's for sure. For once, it's not a buggy mess, and atleast it was straight to the point.

    Also, speaking of games published Winking, I'm still confused why they didn't release the other levels for 18 Floors.

  5. Thanks for this. At the price points for the sale, I am glad to see you suggesting a few that I was on the fence about. Especially the AIM games and horror with Halloween so close by. Now all we need is a horror game that uses the AIM

  6. Just what I needed, since I don't know what most of these games are about. Together with AJ's stream yesterday, it gives a good impression on the sales.

    Btw, I have Creed and I like it for being a "real" boxing game (although still arcadey and not perfect by any means). How would Knockout League fare for somebody like me? The funny aspect of the game appeals to me, but it sounds to me as it isn't really a fighting game.

  7. You should buy Thumper if you don't have it already. It reminded me of the feeling of being physically assaulted by sound and visuals. The same way I felt after watching the trailer for Prometheus in the theater. It will turn you into a masochist for sure.

  8. I'm still buying games I want to play. Just the last game I have played was the demo for Iron Man. I suffer from depression and just can't get the energy to play a game. I just want to lay down… Ain't played Pistol Whip yet but have it and bought it same day it came out. I get up, look at FB for a few, then look at You Tube vids for a few. and lay back down with my two female cats. I have a few games I have bought waiting to be played…

  9. Dam bro you amazingly managed to precisely nail every one of these titles descriptions and opinion (I was 100% in agreement w everything you said) in just 10 minutes!!! dude you deserve an award for that feat lol also I bought waddle home..for princess Teagan
    .I think shell enjoy it lol

  10. Pierhead Arcade imo is absolutely worth the $7, I've had a lot of fun with it and it's always a fun one to go back to for a bit and show other people.

    I really hope the devs release the 2nd game on PSVR whenever they finish it!

  11. I'm hoping Trickster goes on sale one of these days. I need a dungeon crawler, I just wish they'd do Champions of Norrath or Baldur's Gate remastered for VR.

  12. If you like to workout in VR then Knockout League is worth it just for the excellent Reflex Alley mini-game. The main game is pretty fun too.

  13. 4 years anniversary of psvr! And what do they give us for such a celebration? Well, here are some medium discounts on a lot of crappy games u shouldn't buy guys! Happy Bday psvr, and shrew you guys! 🥳🥳🥳

  14. I feel like VR has too many horror games. Horror is kind of a niche genre and being that VR is kind of a niche product, I just don't see how it makes sense to flood VR with games that lack wide appeal.

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