Dr. Claud Anderson Talks Shopping for Black, Voting Points, PowerNomics Plans + Extra

Dr. Claud Anderson Talks Shopping for Black, Voting Points, PowerNomics Plans + Extra

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46 thoughts on “Dr. Claud Anderson Talks Shopping for Black, Voting Points, PowerNomics Plans + Extra

  1. I dropped off my ballot today. I wrote in Dr. Claude Anderson for the office of the President, Senate and House of Representatives…woohoo!

  2. I like Dr Anderson’s idea of a southern high speed railroad system. Going through four states.. If it can be done, I sincerely hope that they give him credit for coming up this idea.

  3. Angela Yee tells the dr that it was some things she disagree with. I’m sure it is, bc she don’t want anybody to expose the true oppressors which is those demonic democrats…

  4. Angela Yee does not like any of this reason being is bc she’s all for the democrats. She’s used to fool the black woman, advocating for feminizing the black man, or removing them from the home. She’s a snake!!!

  5. They should let CTG conduct serious interviews by himself. Because Envy & Angela doesn’t provide any to the conversation. Plus, they constantly interrupt the guest while they’re speaking—which throws off his/her thoughts. CTG does definitely his research…

  6. You can tell this aint Angela Yee's lane lol. She's more celebrity gossip and stuff thats not too important for life. This is more so beneficial to life and moving forward.

  7. Yee what she didn't understand I agree with everything DR CLAUD said that's a smart man he too black for her she is pathetic in away

  8. That’s a lie. Blacks don’t turn down jobs. The truth is, the blacks are locked and boxed out from the jobs. I’m a professional union painter. I never 👎🏽 turned down a union paying job. Never 👎🏽 turned down a prevailing wage job neither. The only thing I turn down is my collar. A lot of times from 2002 on, I would be denied employment because I was black, and outspoken against them illegal aliens being put over black apprentice’s. In San Francisco, I would file damages against those companies. They always paid, but never let me work. So, I started my own paint company. San Francisco is a piece of work.

  9. Build a high speed rail that goes to Dallas but doesn't stop in Houston? It sounds like a great idea but I would think you need Houston.

  10. I can give Charlemagne his props with this one! 👍🏾. Powernomics is a good book to have it does offer solutions. Of course, nobody wants to give anything but if there is a way to get them what they need in exchange without any party losing their integrity, fair agreements can be made…. loyalty is hard to come by these days though 🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. 41:30 he mentions the 1866 Indian treaties is talking about people that think they are blacks.

    Another name for the civil war is the Indian wars, look it up!

  12. Angela he's not talking about begging for crumbs and getting small token gestures of help..he's talking about obtaining power and control..and that is not acquired by begging.

  13. So my question is why do black ppl continue to vote if they get nothing in return? And those indians,chinese and arabs endorse these politicians so they get everything done for them.

  14. 23:20 the elder tried to tell you how the pale skin people created another constitution SO THEY COULD HAVE RIGHTS after our *continental congress*.

    Go in the archives and find out how the Brown skin Indians and Moors that now think they are black got written out of history and we’re not just slaves like your history teacher taught you.

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