1. I hate it when things aren’t priced. You have to keep asking how much something is. Yard sales should have prices in the item or posted somewhere.

  2. We are back ! Great Score on all the Plush Toys – well spotted ! That Backpack is in real Good Condition ! Overall some Nice Things and a Vintage Vacuum Cleaner ! We love Your Chickens – we had Bantam's in the 1980's – they do become a Fantastic Pet ! Stay Safe and many Cheers from us in Australia !!!!

  3. I always pick up 90's Barbies-especially new in the box. They sell internationally-I recently sold some and shipped them to Switzerland, Russia and India.

  4. When you said you were cheap you told the truth .when you did not pick up Aladdin bottle for. 3.00. I used to make them in Tennessee and the metal lunch boxes .they don’t make them anymore in USA only in China so I always pick up if I see one made in USA it was a good video great finds on the plush

  5. I don't have that much patience's to go through stuff like the plush anymore, I just make an offer for all of it and move on. I get it home and separate it all out. I go ahead and pick up all the heavy stuff and then make sure to whine about it for two days about how my back hurts.

  6. That vacuum instantly reminded me of the vacuum scene in the Sandlot where they try to reverse suction the ball out from the beast hahahahaha

  7. Also just sent a offer on one of them eeyore stuff animals. My gf would love that one for her collection of eeyore plush.

    Make that two of them, lol.

  8. That handheld football game you picked up at 1:35 you should bought it. They sell really fast mine was listed for 2 days then sold. They are a nice little profit.

  9. this might sound crazy, but I've learned more from you about world history than I did in school. now I'm 61 .heard to believe.

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