50 thoughts on “Dont purchase the RX 5700 collection Purchase This As a substitute!!

  1. i have had 2 vega 56 cards . both returned within 2 weeks due to poor drivers .. i will never buy another amd card .
    the second one was awesome when it worked , but usually either crashed my pc or went to black screen within about 20 mins .

  2. buy the 5700 and flash it to 5700xt if you are an AMD fan…i personally am going for 2060 super, i returned my 5700xt…worst bloody drivers i have worked with in 17 years

  3. Was able to score a Sapphire Nitro plus Radeon RX 64 for $275 USD thanks to your recommendation. I was so close to caving in to Nvidias greed and buying a 2070super but after listening to you I'm going to either skip this generation of gpus entirely or wait and see what big navi has to offer and sell this to my bro. Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. So a Navi pre-launch price cut just happened (RX 5700 XT = $399, RX 5700 = $349) and now all your "NAVI IS DOGSHIT!!!" rants make you look absolutely freaking ridiculous. The $449/$379 pricing was never real, and simply a placeholder to bait Nvidia into dropping Super at the highest possible price.

    Also, I look forward to the inevitable "I was wrong, and I should have waited before completely losing my shit." video lol.

  5. Sure, 56 may be the best performance/$$ choice, but I'm looking to upgrade to something that can run games at 1080p 144fps at as high settings as it can manage and I'm willing to spend up to 400. So what I do is look for the best possible performance for that price, disregarding the performance/$$.

  6. I would absolutely agree with this dude, but he didn't consider the rising price of bitcoin. Miners will buy out Vega 56 stock faster than you think, leaving people with lower budgets to stick with the current cards/buy used cards, or force others to buy newer cards.

  7. It comes down to what kind of deal you can find locally, and what brands/ models you trust. There's these super cheap Gigabyte Vega 56's available in Canada and the US, but I've seen a lot of terrible reviews on them, and I've lost trust in Gigabyte since seeing reviews on their B350 and B450 motherboards. I want to believe their Vega 56 cards (dual fan) are alright, but I haven't seen a lot of good feedback on them (like a lot of people complaining that tweaking them tends to cause them to die when normally it would be totally safe)

  8. I had my eye on the 56 for long time as best price/performance for 1440p but really I wanted to power 3440×1440 60-100hz. Jumped on the sapphire nitro+64 at its new lowered price point $379usd ($500cdn/300quid) still have 15 days to return. Also included 3 year warranty if something happens they have to replace probably with 5700xt cause 64 won’t exist. Wanted Navi to offer better for less and wanted the new features but doesn’t look good, have a feeling will be keeping this 64

  9. I dont belive it sucks…. Yes there priced badly but when u have very little market share and mind share and even when you bring out good card like rx 480 and no one buy it and just used amd to bring nvidia cards price Down then they have any money for decent competive cards so there like fuck it don't blame then no wonder there in the consoles and cloud gaming… Fan boys ruin the market… When Intel comes in then we might have comeption and better cards but inter greedy like nvidia so fucks knows what will happen…. Only thing keeping amd a float is rysen but there not been aggressive enought so Intel has deep pockets and will come back by using media to go against amd and then bring cpus that amd won't be able again to compete because they dint get enought mind share when they have amazing products. That's my 2 cents I own vega 64 and will keep it and support amd by getting ps5 and new xbox

  10. Pretty sure I could had bought a Vega 56 for 1500 SEK before.

    The RTX 2070 is about 5500 SEK and it seem like the RX 5700 will be close to 5000 SEK too.
    So it's easy to buy your logic. For a used one. For a new one at closer to 3000 SEK if they cost that why not get a RTX 2060 instead?

  11. I live in Australia and I've checked pricing for the Vega 56 vs the RTX 2060 both brand new and including shipping and tax the RTX 2060 is cheaper, consumes less power and performs better in most games and applications. Literally no reason to get the Vega 56 unless you're an AMD fanboy and refuse to buy Nvidia or you're going to benchmark it.

  12. I hate that you have to manually overclock your shit. Companies should have overclocked everything to their maximum safe level and lock every bios. What's the fucking point of manual overclock? i guess they just need an excuse to charge premium for non binned chips.

  13. My RX 580 performed well for year, I will be getting a 5700 Navi and a Ryzen 3600. Thanks to you video for helping me decide, I always do the opposite of what the Youtube Tech Community recommends.

  14. Finally, a man who knows what hes talking about. Ive been telling people to get the Vega 56 since the price went down to $300. Just bought a Vega 56 for $270. Fucking amazing. One thing though, have a decent PSU. They say 650w but I would say at least 750w.

  15. Some youtubers argue that AMD charged extra for NAVI so that people will buy the remaining vega and rx500 stock. I saw an rx 570 for 110 dollars with promo code

  16. I have 2 vaga 56 cards one is a strix and one is a powercolor both of them give me crashes and black screen of death on stock settings my powersupply is evga gold 1000w and I use separate pcie cable for the 8pins I am a amd man all over but after this I have had no choice but to buy a aorus exstreme 2080ti

  17. Can you recommend a CPU/motherboard for a new build? All I do is run 3ds MAX and C4D. Intel, Threadripper 2950 or Ryzen 3900 series.
    Thanks, It's a daunting process making this call.

  18. I may consider Navi after a price drop, but not at launch IMO. I'm going to stick with my RX 480 8GB. Wonderful card, low power consumption (relatively), and still totally crushes 1080p gaming, and does acceptably well at 1440P. No problems whatsoever. $120 TOPS on Ebay, and you can usually do better if you throw a bunch of offers around. It really is the budget kind IMO.

  19. Navi sucks? Say's who? Have you used one?

    I'm going to buy it anyways because I don't fucking care about Overclocking. If I wanted the fastest card I'd just buy it.

  20. i got a vega64 for cheap from a swedish retailer that was selling them unusually cheap so Yay!
    i'm very happy i've wanted to try using one for linux gaming since it has excellent open source drivers 🙂

  21. I swapped my XFX 580 for a Sapphire Vega 56 and saw a significant improvement. Division 2 runs 1920×1200 at 70fps all high settings. B450 motherboard and 2200G CPU. Yes, a AMD Ryzen 2200G, but runs great.

  22. am an AMD fan I’ll admit it. But getting Vega cards would be a huge mistake imo. Because really, do you know how much of difference in power consumption and performance per watt the RX 5700 gets, finally an AMD card performs without breaking your electric bill and destroying your PC with heat that beats a 70’s card from Nvidia while priced the same or slightly cheaper.

    The RX 5700 was everything we wanted in an AMD card, but then you people still defend Vega. Excuse me, do you know how bad of a launch Vega was and then you bash the RX 5700XT because of price???? At least, RX 5700 series had shit to show unlike, 2017’s botch with Vega. Damn that was a fucked up launch forreal, it was a disappointment for us AMD fans.

    And then what made it worse….the mining craze. We shouldn’t go back to a previous generation of cards that wasn’t very good at gaming only for computing. And just move on, your biggest mistake is the one you see as a sweet spot without seeing the cost of it…through your future. We should leave Vega entirely and move on to a new generation of Radeon or just buy Polaris. IMO

  23. What a peice of crap advice. Advise people to buy previous gen power hungry gpus when the next line is not just an upgraded die node but also a new architecture with much less power draw and thermals . Go buy that "Super Planned obsolence" of NVIDIA if you have to if you can't live with AMD pricing.

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