Don't Purchase the Oculus Hyperlink Cable!

Don't Purchase the Oculus Hyperlink Cable!

Do this one as an alternative … Lower your expenses and luxuriate in PCVR on the Oculus Hyperlink in your Quest 2 Quest 2 – Official …

30 thoughts on “Don't Purchase the Oculus Hyperlink Cable!

  1. Please let me know if buying a cheap, 3rd party USB cable is a bad idea in the comments. Two possible theories that would make the official cable better are:

    1. If anyone can prove that the official "fibre-optic" Oculus Link cable has better "latency" than a 3rd party cable, let me know!
    2. If the official can "charge" the device better than the alternative, let me know with proof.

    If those 2 theories cannot be proven, then I do not see the justified higher price of the official, other than to have a slightly less "stiff" cable than Kiwi's.

  2. My Anker cable occasionally disconnects, have just ordered a proper link cable to see the difference, I'd imagine the official one is the best for build quality and speed

  3. I've used multiple different non-official cables but they have multiple issues with crashing mid-game, or being loose in the headset, or just not working at all, the official cable is honestly the best bet for me cause I don't have any issues with it.

  4. I bought a cheap cable off Alliexpress which had the same 2.1Gbps speed and so I had no issues during gameplay. However, I did notice that the charging rate on this cable was not high enough to overcome the power being drawn to run the device and so over a period of a couple hours I would notice a 20% drop in battery charge. It would be interesting to see if the official Oculus cable behaved in the same way.

  5. I prefer official because its just smoother… Even after coiling and storing multiple times, it uncoils brilliantly and becomes mostly straight with no effort. All the 3rd party stuff just kinks and bends and doesn't not like being uncoiled after being stored.

  6. There is a way to play SteamVR games without using a cable. If you use Virtual Desktop and connect your oculus through that app you can play all steam games! It does require a pretty good internet connecting though.

  7. I just dont see the point in the cable. Wireless works really good unless you have a bad network at home. Just crystal clear image and really low latency as well. Whats even greater is that i can just go to the living room and cast my gameplay on the TV with the PC quality games. Just really great

  8. The quest 2 seems really nice for the price, i got an OG vive, the link thing could be the best of both worlds, but im worried about the input lag ppl mention in the videos, do you notice that?

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