Don't Purchase A Low cost Pet On-line

Don't Purchase A Low cost Pet On-line

Numerous scammers are posting on-line claiming to be respected breeders who will promote you a pet and ship it proper to your own home. They’re mendacity… so I made a decision …

39 thoughts on “Don't Purchase A Low cost Pet On-line

  1. On the second site in the beginning of the video, they all have the exact same “personality” and “energy level”!! The people who made that site were so lazy!!

  2. Thank you so much for reacting to this! I emailed you last year about it because my mom was looking online for a toy poodle, because our beloved baby boy passed away. Saved my mom from getting scammed just by the last minute. People are heartless man. But thank you so much for doing what you do.

  3. As a lover/owner of expensive breeds I hate these scammers, they con so many people who just want a cute puppy. I’m glad he did this, it was also hilarious.

  4. I bought my puppy on Craigslist and it worked out great, wonderful puppy, but you have to make sure that the puppy is locally available and you only pay in cash when you go get the puppy. Lots of people no longer want you to come to their home, so they will meet you at a gas station and then exchange the puppy for cash right then and there. If they are not local and not willing to let you meet the puppy in person, don't do it. It is a scam. I ran across several of them on Craigslist where they had a local phone number (probably Google Voice or Talkatone, etc., not a real phone number), but when I texted them suddenly they told me they had moved out of state, but that they would ship the puppy to me. I immediately knew they were a scam and just moved on to the next puppy ad. And yes, they had perfect looking pictures which seems to be a dead giveaway.

  5. I can never understand telemarketers, and they tend to get so pissed when you say pardon men i didn't hear you. It makes me just want to scream this is your fucking job don't sigh at me.

  6. I shouldn’t be surprised I shouldn’t but I have to ask to all the scammers that you’ve encountered from India or that ranging I know Indy is a large region OK I don’t know them all but I’m just saying accent does it seem like it’s a large group from that region because every video I listen to you on an every scammer that I have encountered that I have also messed with like you have been from India

  7. This is pretty common especially on Facebook and Craigslist, they trick you into paying a deposit to hold the dog because "it's not ready yet" and it's crazy how people trust that enough to send them the money. Imagine if they did this to 5 people that day and charged a deposit $200 each smh

  8. I legit died when the breeder said the parents of the “puppies” were 12 pounds for a Rottweiler. Legit that’s the weight roughly of an adult chihuahua and last time I checked a Rottweiler is heavier and bigger than a chihuahua! 🤣

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