Do you have to purchase the iPhone 12 in case you have the 11/XR/8/7?

Do you have to purchase the iPhone 12 in case you have the 11/XR/8/7?

Apple’s iPhone 12 is FINALLY right here.. however if you happen to’re on the fence about upgrading from an older iPhone just like the iPhone 11, XR, Eight or 7.. this video will clear …

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  1. For me I think major difference in selfie cam which have now deep fusion and night mode (I think this feature is frequently used ) am talking if we need to upgrade from 11 to 12 not pro models
    Still I’ll wait ur review to see the difference as it’s selfie and close distance so I think Retina Flash should do the job pretty well even without nightmode but let’s see ur review 🙂

  2. If you have an old phone, you should upgrade to the iPhone 12. If you have an iPhone 11. You shouldn't.

    I didn't watch the video yet. Did I get it right?

  3. I have an iPhone 8 (that I bought new in 2019 for $450.), and I don't plan on upgrading to the iPhone 12 until my iPhone 8 dies. I have friends that have the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and I think those two phones blow away my iPhone 8's photo ability. I look forward to getting an iPhone 12 but it might not happen this year as my iPhone 8 serves me well and buy the time my iPhone 8 dies I will consider the iPhone 13 ? I like the 2020 iPhone SE for the price but I want a better camera like in the iPhone 12. I want to be able to do portrait mode photos on anything not just humans as the SE only does portrait mode photos on humans and not other objects. Also the OLED screens on the iPhone 11 and 11 pro are so much nicer than my iPhone 8, showing to me in my opinion the iPhone 12's super retina XDR oled display will be oh so much better than my iPhone 8's display.

  4. im stil rockin my iphone 6. still looks brand new i change battery 1time so i stil wont update my photos still look amazing. had it with armor full body cas from day 1 for 5years. so my phone still looks brand new. i dont need to upgrade

  5. I have the XR but I want the 12 pro just bc of the camera and colors, but I can’t decide bc this phone is fine and has a great camera, but still I don’t know

  6. hmm, most of this was a repeat of your other video – the features of the 12. I was really hoping for MORE comment, advice, differences between the XR etc.

  7. Going from an s9 to an XR , I need that blue bubble . I need the software updates . I miss iOS as well but 700 is not in the budget rn so I got an XR for 250

  8. for a mobile gamer who have always choosen the best phones that have update been iphone xs max and 11 pro max performance wise the iphone 12 pro max is a dissapointment i might look to buy a android phone instead…

  9. And I don’t hate on the XR!!!!!!!! Plus it actually has a better battery life than the 11 and it takes less voltage lower bills lol

  10. Well, this iPhone 12 will be obsolete shen the iPhone 13 comes out next year with a 120hz refresh rate and a much faster Apple A15. No thanks, I’m waiting for the iPhone 13.

  11. 9:13 really? how come 4G is so slow in the US? I just made a speedtest myself sitting in a moving train in the Netherlands and I got around 120 mbps download speed on my iphone 8 even with its inferior modems

  12. Only idiots would upgrade to the new iphone ask your self do you need all this bullSh..or r u satisfied with what you have its a phone not a gaming pc

  13. Resale value on iPhones is fantastic in my country ( Trinidad and Tobago ) so I can actually sell my XR 256GB with cases and have enough cash to buy a 12 . I think I’m gonna make the jump.

  14. Idk about the IPhone 12 being packed with value. The fact that it still starts at 64gb alone is questionable. I have to pay $850 just for 128 gb in 2020…. no charger block/headphones is also the furthest thing from value. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be upgrading from my XR. But a starting price of $700-$750 would’ve been more “value”

  15. Guys, big no of you have the iPhone Xr and up. Especially if you have the iPhone 11’s, there isn’t enough reason to upgrade to a new iPhone except for the a few small features.

  16. One thing I think a lot of people are missing about the new iPhones is that the MagSafe magnet’s purpose is to get everyone to start charging their devices wirelessly instead of using traditional charging bricks. Why? Because Apple is a lot closer to releasing a port less phone than we think. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the 13 lineup is just that 🤪

  17. I have a Grey XR and I really like the design of the iPhone 12 pro Max, I think its a very slick and clean phone and I love the Pacific Blue color.

  18. So uh… I still have an iPhone 6s…
    I was wondering if I should just buy an 11 pro max because it comes with the charger and stuff or spend a bit more and get the 12/latest phone but it doesn’t come with the chargers etc
    Which is bullshit btw, so expensive and u get less

  19. who cares about 5g? We all use wifi come on! We barely use data. Plus I find the notch beautiful I dont get y u guys are off to it, it makes the iphone more unique. If ure coming from xs and up, dont upgrade. Im using 11 now better wait to 13

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