Do Not Purchase the Improper MacBook Air! // M1 MacBook Air Evaluate

Do Not Purchase the Improper MacBook Air! // M1 MacBook Air Evaluate

Matthew Moniz evaluation and comparability of the MacBook Air M1 with apple silicon versus the MacBook Air utilizing Intel. There can be a variety of gross sales beginning on Black …

42 thoughts on “Do Not Purchase the Improper MacBook Air! // M1 MacBook Air Evaluate

  1. I have a HP omen 15 ryzen 7 4800H and it’s very good like u said in the video but when it becomes like 2-3 years old or breaks I will 100percent get a MacBook

  2. I just got the m 1 thank you 🙂 you think it's good for doing a PhD and storing data / using some software for modelling numbers ?

  3. 1:25 I actually hate these new keys. I don't use any of them. Apple – spacebar still works perfect for search. I don't dictate and I guess the do not disturb can be useful but doubt I'll use that either.

  4. Except the general public sucks at doing their own research and will spring for the intel MacBook Air thinking it’s the same thing for cheaper… their own fault because their too lazy to do basic research and watch simple videos like this.

  5. Hey! I'm trying to decide which of these Macbooks would be best for me, the Air or Pro. I use photoshop to design things like event flyers, cd covers, social media images etc. And also use a software called Movavi to edit videos. Nothing too fancy, mainly trimming, pasting and adding various video clips and audio files together to create videos that are roughly 45 mins to an hour long. Can the Air handle this easy or should I get the pro?

  6. Did you do a facts check before making this video? I think you didn't, because first thing you say is that both macbooks have same display. M1 actually has wider color range as it's P3

  7. My parents bought me the MacBook Air 2020 for Christmas with 512GB SSD… I only need it for college and I don’t think I’ll ever use up all the GB. I was waiting to buy my own M1 but I feel bad if I say anything about the one they got me. Should I keep it or tell them so we can get their money’s worth?

  8. Hey will the air not get hot after 7 hrs of google meet and some other tabs open? I actually have online school so I will be using my laptop for around 9 hrs a day. Obviously taking breaks. And I will put it on my lap cause I don’t have a desk. So how hot does the new MacBook Air gets?

  9. Okay, let me share my two cents on this as a fellow UNIX/Linux user. From what I have seen right now the OS is way worse than a KDE Plasma with Latte Dock – and I did the ultimate test here by asking my Mrs. which 'Mac' she would buy and she likes my Linux GUI more, saying that the actual Mac OS looks too complicated . Now let's talk hardware for a bit. 4 'performance cores' and 4 'efficiency cores' are either the same bollocks that I have in my $200 budget smartphone from the 'evil' Chinese company called Huawei or just this hyperthreading thing where I have 4 actually fully featured cores whilst there is 4 more cores without an FPU, so I won't really recommend to run anything on these… So what this really comes down to is a $65 Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB in a MacBook 'Pro' case with an ugly GUI for over twice the price of an Lenovo ThinkPad E595 with 32GB RAM and two SSDs, one of which being an NVMe one. I don't know about you guys but in Germany we call this full on FRAUD. Yes my friends, full on FRAUD, that's what it is! So my suggestion to solve this issue: Either keep your 'old' X86 Mac or get yourself the cheapest Lenovo Laptop there is, get some cool stickers to put on the back and install Linux. And if you want an actually very stylish beyond Apple look and feel I would suggest Hefftor Linux Plasma which just happened to have released a new version which you can download under . Welcome to 2021! tgzui

  10. I have heard of many issues such as slower SSD speeds and extreme lags in final cut Pro. Please confirm the authenticity of this. Thanks.

  11. I want to buy a m1 8core 512gb macbook air, but I don’t know if 8 gb ram is enough or if I should consider upgrading to 16gb. I’ll use it for the university and for a little bit of video and music production. I don’t know what to chose because i heard of the problem of the swap memory and because I would like to keep it for at least 6-7 years. Any advise?

  12. Well, thanks for depleting local supply of M1 Macbook Airs in my area. 😉 Seriously, there are no M1 Macbook Airs in stock anywhere near me. Best Buy, Costco, Fries, Apple Store, etc., etc. None. The soonest I could get one is at Amazon and that is a four day wait for a base model in gold or gray. Anything other than a base model, you're talking a 2021 delivery date. 😒

  13. I am planning to buy a laptop for programming for my school. Will be learning machine learning and data wrangling. Would this be a mac that I should be buying? This new laptop will be my main machine.

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