19 thoughts on “DISCOUNTED BANESLAYER IS OPAF | White/Blue Flyers Deck Information

  1. Bruh that reaction you had to drawing all the lands in the one fight had me rolling. Funniest shit I’ve ever seen, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone flood that much. Your enthusiasm for the game is infectious. Keep doing you! WOOF

  2. That's my favorite deck, though mine has Archon of Absolution instead of Baneslayer, just for the memes.
    Nothing beats the feeling of your opponent spending all their mana equipping an Embercleave just to find out that it cannot attack because your Archon is there, just annoying people.

  3. Why no temples or castle Vantress in the deck? It seems like those could have been very useful in that second game versus the garruk player.

  4. I really like your videos. I am going to make a suggestion. Would it be possible to include some low level back ground music? Something that does not over take the sound effects and you talking.

    I could also be hard of hearing as well. lol

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