22 thoughts on “Dip Purchase Or Promote Now? – Full Analysis and DD

  1. I just want to make this clear. I am still bullish on EHang, and after doing about 6 hours of research – I wish I bought more on the dip today. EHang is making moves all over the world, and they're a legit business. I think they have more potential than risk personally, and I will be holding (and maybe adding more)

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  3. 13th floor on an 11 story building? Easy… Chinese are so superstitious that they skip floor numbers associated with bad energy when numbering floors

  4. New Response from EH (released an hour ago) ​

    As EHang has previously stated, Wolfpack Research’s report was based on shoddy research and contains numerous, unsubstantiated statements, and misinterpretation of information. EHang intends to engage legal counsel to pursue legal actions against Wolfpack Research for its malicious act and false allegations

  5. Thank you for this research and report. Given me a lot of confidence in EH. I agree they need to give hard response to the short seller report. Hope everyone who has shares in EH holds and realize that this company is a real 💎

  6. Thanks for making this video Daniel. I too made a speculative investment and sold my position at $90. When I sold my position I said to myself "Daniel going to talk about this!" Normally I would ride the wave but I took a big hit with Luckin Coffee. Remember them? I think the SEC report is concerning for me. I got lucky this time but I think I may sit this one out.

  7. You did literally the same thing as I did, but I bought it at 90$, and it just went down
    But yesterday I decided to buy back, at 50$, and in general my position just looking a bit down, I see a huge potential in the EHang

  8. I saw this post on Yahoo Finance and wanted to share.
    Very important that you guys read every detail.

    1. EH Ownership : 63% by 4 company employees (Hu, Hsiao, Xiong, Liu), 24% by 2 VCs (Sequoia and GGV) -> Only 13.5% (7.4m shares) are float. (Source: Capital IQ)
    2. Number of shares sold shart is 1.3m as of February 11th (Source : Capital IQ)
    3. EH has been extremely hot among Korean retail investors. Estimated # shares owned by Koreans as of right before the short report is 4.4m. (Source: Korea securities depository, https://blog.naver.com/hoby1030/222247118926).
    4. It is reasonable to assume close to zero percent of Korean-owned shares are sold short. They were attracted by massive share price uplift until the relesase of Wolfpack report. Short is not a common tool used among Koreans. Korean government even banned short selling currently (Source : https://www.ft.com/…/e00e5906-e887-422e-b07a-85e1575919c8).
    5. Shares owned by non-Koreans is only 3m (=7.4m float minus 4.4m).
    6. Short interest (1.3m as of Feb 11) as a % of shares float owned by non-Koreans (7.4m – 4.4m = 3m) = 43%. Given the short report and massive volatility this week, it is safe to assume short shares increased largely. Let's assume it doubled to 2.6m. In this case, short interest is 87% 😊 2.6m / 3m)
    SHORT SQUEEZE CAN BE EASILY DONE HERE. Float shares are very little. This is way more heavily shorted than it looks, probably within 70%-90% range.
    Look at 2 VCs' credentials. They own 24% of EH.
    – Sequoia : https://www.sequoiacap.com/companies/
    – GGV : https://www.ggvc.com/companies/
    Sequoia especially is one of the greatest VCs in history. Anybody really believes that these VCs didn't DD or continuously monitor their portfolio company's business, production, team, what not? Looking at reputation and credentials, Sequoia + GGV versus Wolfpack.. what's your pick?
    FYI, Sequoia increased their ownership from 6.9% as of 30 Sep 2020 to 10.9% now (Source: Capital IQ)

  9. Someone has probably caught this by now, but the short sellers were visiting their Chinese factory (storage unit?) during Chinese New Year which is a massive holiday and would explain the lack of activity as well.

  10. Note south Korean report is just pr, it was temporarily registered than un registered.
    Seoul did not buy one, and the major wasn't even there

  11. I remember a short selling report from june 16th 2020 on enphase energy. Saying the company is really low on money and about to go bankrupt.
    As I just hopped in again a few days earlier, my positions was red quiet fast and I sold.
    Good luck when trying to find this "sell off candle" in the enphase chart. Nobody ever heard again about this guy and we all know where enphase energy stock sits right now!
    It was right after the "wirecard desaster", what was a really big deal and nobody could imagine something like that is going on in a DAX company, the premier league of German stocks.

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