22 thoughts on “Demon's Souls – Earlier than You Purchase [4K]

  1. id play it if i could get a ps5, its actually scary how all stores got wiped out of all ps5 units… demons souls is one of my fav soulsborne games, i wish i could play the remake

  2. I was determined I would never play any of the SoulsBourne games because I’m not someone who likes a frustrating level of challenge when I’m gaming – but the visuals on this sold me big time. I got it with my PS5 and I’m loving it!

  3. personally I haven't played any souls borne game, I tried to play Sekiro but honestly these types of game aren't for me call me noob If you want but I don't really get why do I have to bother to get through these games I'm big on stories and I believe games should not be too easy but If a game is just overwhelming difficulty and no story at all like I said I don't really get why someone has to torture himself to play

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