Dealer Joe's Grocery Haul | What did we purchase at Dealer Joe's for $150 | Stocking up our new Fridge

Dealer Joe's Grocery Haul | What did we purchase at Dealer Joe's for $150 | Stocking up our new Fridge

It is time to replenish our model new fridge with Groceries from Dealer Joe’s. Right here is one other Dealer Joes Grocery Haul for all of as we present you what groceries we purchased at Dealer Joe’s to replenish our new Hisense fridge. We had a finances of $150 to purchase Dealer Joe’s groceries. Do you assume we stayed inside our grocery finances? Come hang around with us and see what did we purchase at Dealer Joe’s? Seize a snack!!! Thanks for watching one other PHILLIPS FamBam Grocery Haul.

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47 thoughts on “Dealer Joe's Grocery Haul | What did we purchase at Dealer Joe's for $150 | Stocking up our new Fridge

  1. I got the watermelon jerky about a month ago. I was so dissapointed! If you haven't tried the maple cookies you should. So good!

  2. Just got to my TJs!! I got the mangoes with chile, bbq chicken teriyaki, veggie fried rice, the garlic naan 😍, the korean scalian cakes, soup dumplings, the Chinese bao buns, and other things 🙈 the pumpkin items/ you have to try the pumpkin butternut squash soup and the pumpkin cranberry crisp crackers with whipped cream cheese and pepper jelly!!! 😍😍😍

  3. Health wise trader joes is hit or miss. For example Sometimes they use low quality oils and sometimes they use high quality oils

  4. Trader Joe's isn't expensive to me! The quality is great! FYI, I love plantain chips also, but I find the Goya brand to taste the best!

  5. I’m going to TJ’s this week. I love the orange chicken & fried rice. Also, frozen sweet potato gnocchi, fries and tiramisu for dessert.

  6. Their prices are comparable to Meijers or Walmart. I agree with portion sizes or the kids will eat the entire bag in one setting. I love that each month there is something new to try.

  7. Today I took my kids to Walmart we find something for y'all to try and taste test bacon-flavored soda and Buffalo hot wings soda and ranch dressing soda y'all should try them in a taste test.

  8. I go to Trader Joe’s every week now + always try new things. I just discovered their cauliflower jalepeno dip and it’s the BEST dip I’ve ever tried!!! Sooo amazing! I dip salami in it or crackers and it’s amazing!!!

  9. Great Trader Joe’s Haul, I will be trying a few new items we showed!! I also love your new refrigerator really nice thanks for the video

  10. I love your energy (both of you) and I enjoyed the haul. Also, your fridge it nice and spacious. And to answer your question about plantain chips, you are not alone, I eat ALL the variations of plantain chips at Trader Joes. That is truly my favorite grocery store and I am obsessed with Trader Joe hauls, especially on grocery week 🙂. I was also going to comment about the milk in the door, but seems like several people have shared that with you already, Have a great week

  11. Hey, I've been watching your channels for a while now. I don't normally ask for stuff like this but I was wondering if you could do me a favor and add my dog, Chloe to your prayers for the next day or two? She's been feeling sick the last few days. We took her to the vet today and they told us she has advanced diabetes, and the high potential for cancer. We'll know more tomorrow after they do a ultrasound of her stomach. She doesn't want to give a death sentence but told us to prepare ourselves just in case. She is staying over night and through tomorrow at the emergency vet. I'm just hoping for some good thoughts and prayers going towards her tonight.

  12. That fridge looks awesome!!! I don’t like spearmint, I prefer peppermint. I eat a lot of curry!!! Oh yea Danny’s hating veggies still.

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